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Foe the record, these are games I have actually played if a game doesn't make it on this list it is probably because I never got to play it sadly. Keep in mind that these are my opinions, please do not rip me in half, send a demonic little girl on me, or infect me with any sort of crazy viruses, please.

#11: F.E.A.R

I played this over my cousin's house for a week when it went platinum on Xbox and the game surprised me a lot how it quickly jumped from action to horror. It might have been higher on the list if it wasn't for the fact that it got repetitive quickly and also some of the scares only actually worked when I was looking at them but the game surprised me and also Alma is terrifying, at least in the first one.


I was pretty pumped to see the original creator making a new horror game, while this game didn't have me screaming in terror or making pause it and go hyperventilate into a bag like some of the other games on this list. It did do a good job of making me tense and stingy about my ammo, I actually would swear aloud when my bullets missed a head shot. Now the plot of the game leaves way more questions than answers and I'm sure the two or three D.L.C. packs did something with it but I don't have those yet unfortunately so I can't really judge them. Any way its a solid game with elements from Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill mixed in there, it does a good job of keeping me on my toes.


Dead Space is one of my favorite horror series, and the third entry was a good game, I do feel like they skimped on the horror a tad, but to be honest I do believe its hard to keep a game scary especially in the third round. Dead Space 3 delivers the chills and early game in the claustrophobic department. I can't wait for Dead Space 4, hopefully it will be the final entry since the 3rd game's D.L.C. epilogue sets up round 4.


Come at me bro!
Come at me bro!

This was a really early Play Station 3 and I believe Xbox360 game, while it wasn't fraught with jump scares, the game just oozes this dreadful horrific atmosphere where you'll be wadding into pools of blood and fighting grotesque enemies with mutilated bodies and weapons surgically attached to them. Combat is frantic and intense, mostly because you have to trade off shooting monsters in the face and reviving your A.I controlled teammates so you aren't sent back to a checkpoint because all of you died. The game's lore and settings are disgusting, sick, twisted, and repulsive, and that's why I couldn't get enough of them! However the game's ending did leave far too much open, but according to Wikepedia a sequel is or was in the works that would explain what happened in the end. I hope I get some kind of update on it (probably won't).

# 7: DOOM 3

Uh...behind you
Uh...behind you

I played this game kind of late, I got a backwards compatible version for my Xbox 360 and me and my dad sat down to play it, after watching the movie (which we did not know beforehand that it had virtually nothing to do with the game DOOM 3), but anyway we put the disc in and within the first twenty minutes of monsters jumping out the shadows, I was pretty terrified. Doom 3 has one of the best atmospheres in a game I have ever played. You will never feel more paranoid or on edge as creeping through the dark martian hallways with demons warping into the room or a dead body springing to life and trying to eat your skull.


Tony Stark is Jeally
Tony Stark is Jeally

Dead Space 2 is one of those rare games where I can say it is the perfect sequel to one of the scariest games of the the Xbox360 Play Station 3 era, while it does tone down the scares just a tad, the game still got me to jump, and this is a guy who probably replayed the first one like five different times. With its better settings, new enemies, improved graphics, and demon Nicole, this is the sequel people wanted. TAKE NOTE HOLLYWOOD THIS IS HOW YOU DO A SEQUEL!!!


A moment of silence for this....
A moment of silence for this....

I was ready to cry when Silent Hills got canceled, P.T. is an amazing game it is probably the most realistic looking horror game I've ever seen and it was a terrifying experience, even with three friends in the room. Now I regret not downloading it again before it went off PSN. I hope that whatever Konami has planned for Silent Hill, something like what we saw in P.T. makes it in there.



A little indie game that came up on the radar during E3 of 2013 when the game came out I sat down and played it, and it was the first time in a long time where I was really terrified to keep going in a video game, with its procedural generated levels, monsters that teleport in your face for scares and the over all psychological terror and dread you feel pacing through the dark halls this game was a surprise. In fact I couldn't even finish due to a combination of scares, and how annoying it got having to keep restarting a level to find the artifacts and having the level and the artifacts be moved and randomized, all while trying not to die and keep it together.


Spoiler alert, I love Dead Space. You never forget your first horror game. Dead Space was that for me, after the first big necromorph chase in the opening I was hyperventilating into a bag, I didn't beat Dead Space the first time, I survived it. I was constantly pausing the game to man up to keep playing, with its atmosphere, visuals, and the plot, I was hooked, albeit screaming and shivering. This game feels like a horror movie, and I mean the good pre-Paranormal Activity horror movies.


Go away monster...please go away
Go away monster...please go away

This was a tough pick for me, it was a tie between this and my number one, this one got the second place because there were just so many minor things that took away from all the glory it deserved. The game is too long and that meant I started to not be afraid of the alien and more annoyed with it when it found me and killed me. At fourteen plus hours, it runs out of steam about seven hours in and starts becoming a case of endless backtracking. Despite this, it is still a very intense game as the alien is so unpredictable and sporadic, sometimes I swear this thing knew where I was hiding but was acting like it didn't and kept coming back every time I dared to venture outside of my hiding spot only to have to scurry back into it as the alien rounds the corner. Oh and don't think about out running him, that has a 99.9% fail rate.


#LittlePig#LittlePig" title="">

Easily the most tense game of hide and seek ever, it's an intense thrill ride that doesn't relent or ever give you a break. After playing this game, you'll never want to anywhere to an asylum (not that you should want that anyway), this game and its even more intense D.L.C Whistleblower will leave your horror cravings satisfied. The only thing I will fault this game for is being a little too short. I know that sounds ironic as hell since I just faulted the runner up with being too long, but this game only has about an hour and a half worth of content. The weird thing is, they made the game so grueling an intense it will feel much longer than that, its a game you take in chunks. However, if there ever is an Outlast 2 (fingers crossed), I hope they extend the game a bit and make it a little longer, (just don't make it fourteen hours long please)

So there it is my top 10 horror games, what's your top ten?


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