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Jonathan J Moya

Last week I portrayed horror icons in 2014 runway couture. Illustrations were courtesy of London graphic designer David Murray.

This week Batman villains take over the runway, all wearing the latest 2015 high style designs. Again David Murray is responsible for the art-work.

Runway captions are taken from the fashion patter posted on a fashion site dedicated to displaying the best and latest in men's and woman's clothing.

The Riddler in Burberry Prorsum

For a man obsessed with mystery, choosing an outfit for the Riddler was surprisingly straightforward. Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was awash with the emerald shades so favored by Nygma throughout his appearances in Gotham City, setting off that shock of orange hair in a clash of colors so bold it really does border on the insane.

Bane in Boris Bidjan Saberi

It’s not easy finding fashion to fit a frame such as Bane’s, but Boris Bidjan Saberi’s summer outerwear has proportions wide enough to accommodate his unfeasible physique, while the accented leather waistcoat bears strong resemblance to his own beloved body harness.

The Joker in Haider Ackermann

While countless depictions of the Joker have placed him in that unmistakable purple suit, we think a combination of the luxe finery of the Nicholson-era and Heath Ledger’s more disheveled take on the man of a thousand punchlines would be right at home in Haider Ackermann’s loosely draped satins and silks.

Mr. Freeze in Alexander Wang

Seen here in Alexander Wang – perhaps the “coolest” designer of 2014 – the tonal flurry of indigo is the perfect complement to Freeze’s own frosty complexion, while the military accents very much suggest a man who is on the warpath, ready for conflict.

Two-Face in Maison Margiela

While Harvey Dent is traditionally known for his taste in sharp pinstripe tailoring, we feel his more ruthless side would sit comfortably in this rebel staple leather jacket from Margiela. The two-tone jeans, meanwhile, reflect the split nature of his personality in the most graphic of manners – dark and light, on show for all to see.
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