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I wrote a touching story a few months ago about a dad who went above and beyond for his son battling cancer, dressing up as Spider-Man and surprising his baby boy in awesome fashion.

Here was the surprise, in case you missed it:

Mike Wilson, the father and "Spider-Dad," sadly lost his son on Christmas Eve of last year after he passed from a Grade 4 Brain Stem tumor. It's tragic, but Wilson refused to let that be the end of his incredibly brave son's legacy.

Wilson is now doing his part in raising money for Naomi House, which had a crucial role in helping Jayden during his illness, as part of his campaign Hope From Jayden.

Wilson spoke to HelloU about the film he dedicated to his son:

“When he was alive, I had the intention of making the film and giving Jayden his own premiere. So he would be sat in the living room, with people around him, watching it, with his dad on screen and he wouldn’t even know it was me. In the end I couldn’t do that, so I decided to make this a complete dedication film to him, in his honor.”
Jayden had some moves of his own!
Jayden had some moves of his own!

Mike Wilson reflected on his son's love for Spider-Man and how it brought the two of them together:

"He was such a massive Spiderman fan, I wanted to make it like he had Spiderman at the click of his fingers, like he was always there for him. I could just run upstairs and get changed into the costume and there was Spiderman.”

All of the money that gets generated on YouTube for the movie about Jayden is going to Naomi House, so it is definitely worth checking out. Here it is below:

The action sequences are awesome

Spider-Dad clearly put in a ton of effort on this

Gotta love the slow-mo

And it all comes full-circle in the driveway

Awesome city-scape shot

There's our little guy, Jayden

Naomi’s House provides care for children and teens with life limiting diseases. You can donate here, or just share the Spider-Dad video with your friends to raise money for this great cause!

It's good to see fathers of children with serious diseases doing everything they can for their kids - and it's awesome when Spider-Man is the medium of choice for that.

R.I.P. Jayden. I'm absolutely sure that you and your love for Spider-Man will be remembered for a long time, especially thanks to your incredible dad.

(Via: HelloU)


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