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Jurassic World, the fourth installment to the Jurassic Park trilogy which are based on the novels, is awesome as crap. Once I saw the trailer I told myself that I had to go see it in IMAX 3D and sure enough I did and it was loud. But some points I didn't notice it was in 3D but whatever. Brad Pitt was awesome as he gives his knowledge about velociraptors and his relationships with them. Bryce Dallas Howard, might I say, is the worst aunt ever! I mean she didn't even know what age they were I mean what the heck?! But other than that she was awesome especially the whole relationship between her character and Pratt's character. Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins were OK as the kids but there jokes were hilarious. But sometimes they confused me. Like when they are standing in line, Robinson's character is just plain out staring at a group of girls like a stalker and I was like "What the heck! Don't you already have a girlfriend!?". Vincent D'Onofrio I wanted to be killed off exactly when I saw him cause I already knew he was trouble I mean seriously who the crap would wanna use the raptors as weapons well apparently he did. But of all of the character I personally loved two and one of them was Irrfan Khan's character, who was the owner of the park. He was not only trying to create a good attraction but he also wanted to keep everyone safe and he was funny as well. The second character that I personally loved was Jake Johnson's character. Now I know this actor from the television show "New Girl" and the film "Let's Be Cops" but out of all of them he is awesome in this film alone. Now for the spoilers on who dies and who lives:

Chris Pratt survives, Bryce Dallas Howard survives, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins survives, Vincent D'Onofrio is eaten by a raptor, Irrfan Khan dies when an airplane he was flying crashes, Omar Sy survives, B.D. Wong survives, Jake Johnson survives, Katie McGrath is taken by a pterosaur and is dunked into the ocean only for the Mosasaurus to come up and eat her and the pterosaur, Indominus Rex is dragged into the ocean by the Mosasaurus, T-Rex survives, Delta, Echo, and Charlie are killed by the Indominus Rex, and Blue survives.

So I say totally go see this movie.


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