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I can't believe it has been 14 years since my last Jurassic experience! I am a big Jurassic-an and Chris Pratt fan and putting the two together is epic in my book. I have been looking forward to this film for months and I found myself getting more excited as each week passed. Then came the glorious day of the movie premiere and the very first scene grabs you with the awesome special effects and beautiful scenery. It takes you to a place of fantasy yet gives you a history lesson and points out some cool science facts about DNA.

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs and more dinosaurs! Isn't this what we came to see? I did and plenty of dinosaurs is what I got. I was taken into a Dino fantasy world. I fell in love with the smart and playful-or huntful-T-Rex's Charlie, Hunter and Delta. I cheered when they turned against the bully 'Diabolus Rex' and fought to protect Owen. That scene made me want to take one of them home. And, let's not forget those flock of Pterodactyl's. Man, what a euphoric feeling I got when they came flying out of the bird sanctuary.

Now, let's get down to Chris Pratt's performance as Owen Grady-just let me say he did not disappoint me one bit. His rugged, sincere, funny, sarcastic and loving charm made me want to run out into a field of T-Rex's just so he could save me. He made me want to be a red-haired, uptight girl named Claire Dearing-played by the very talented Bryce Dallas Howard. Their on-screen chemistry is ruggedly cute and I hope to see more them on-screen together.

Oh, Vincent D'Onofrio why did your character disappoint me? Vic Hoskins seemed like a sincere and caring man. He seemed to have a real interest in connecting with Charlie, Hunter and Delta. But, no he had other intentions and they weren't good. But he got his in the end. Or should I say they got him? It was great to see special references to Jurassic Park and I was happy to see a special appearance by BD Wong even though his character turned out to be a shady jerk.

Overall, it was an awesome movie! I didn't want it to end. I wanted more dinosaurs and I wanted more Chris Pratt! I heard there's two more Jurassic movies in the works. I hope this is true! Please, get out and watch this fun, action packed movie on the big screen. You won't be sorry. It's Dino-mite!


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