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In 2011, it was announced that Pixar would be working on a dinosaur project set to be released in 2013. While we caught a quick glimpse at some promising concept art last year for The Good Dinosaur unfortunately, due to some hiccups in pre-production and story, the project was postponed.

After switching from director Bob Peterson (who worked on Toy Story and Finding Nemo) to Peter Sohn (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) and completely reimagining the story, those problems are long in the past. However, The Good Dinosaur is still in the process of evolving.

Most recently, Pixar made the surprising announcement that, for undisclosed reasons they would be overhauling their entire set cast, save for Frances McDormand who will be playing the voice of Momma.

Here are the cast changes and additions that we know of thus far:

Lucas Neff replaced by Raymond Ochoa as Arlo, the friendly Apatosaurus and main protagonist.

And John Lithgow replaced by Jeffrey Wright as Arlo's father, Poppa.

The cast is shaping up with the talents of Steve Zahn (Thunderclap), AJ Buckley (Nash), and Anna Paquin (Ramsey), as well as Sam Elliott (Butch), Marcus Scribner (Buck), and Jack Bright as Arlo's human friend Spot.

The Good Dinosaur also lost Bill Hader (Forrest), Neil Patrick Harris (Cliff), and Judy Greer (Ivy).

Because the film has been completely reimagined since its initial inception, and since there are only a few overlaps in the character's names, it looks like the story and characters have shifted enough to call for a new cast.

No matter who they have in what roles, this is Disney-Pixar we're talking about! Despite their seemingly constant stream of changing storylines and recasting, I have no doubt that the animation studio will once again be able to wow us with their fun and innovative work. Still, I guess only time will tell!

The Good Dinosaur will reach U.S. theaters this Thanksgiving (11/25)

(Via: GamesRadar, IMDb)


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