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I am seriously in awe with these phenomenal women. Their costumes are meticulously beautiful, they use interesting and unique material, and they all look fierce and badass in the process.

Be sure to check out Variable's Facebook page. Not only does she come up with brilliant interpretations of some amazing cosplay characters, she definitely knows how to work a camera and pose. She looks fiercely adorable.

It's very inspiring. I feel like I want to rush home and bust out my sewing kit and my buttons, beads, fabric, and purchase some wigs. I want to look as badass as these following chicks do.

1. She's Two-Faced

And who said a face scarred by acid isn't beautiful? This is stunning and so impeccably executed.

2. Bulbasaur, I Choose You!

I wonder if the green plant bulb actually doubles as a usable backpack? Where else are you going to put your Chapstick, cash, and snacks?

3. No One's Slick as Gaston

Smoother than smooth, and without that hairy chest.

4. The First Child

Rei Ayanami's big eyes are drawing me in! She seems anything but shy and withdrawn.

5. I'll Be Her Prey

She looks tough and fearless enough to protect me. My heroine!

6. Half Human, Half Demon, All Awesome

Raven may be able to control her emotions, thanks to the mystic Azar, but I can't contain mine! This is such a stunning look, and I love how that cape billows in the wind.

7. Holy Valhalla

This Immortan Joe cosplay is beyond badass. I'm almost more afraid of her than the film's version.

8. The Not-So-Silent Nurse

The doctor is ready to see you now.

9. Yang Xiao Long Game Strong

She's quite the fierce huntress, if I do say so myself.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt those intense waves of female power just radiating through the screen.

These women have got me feeling ferocious and ready to get dressed up in some crazy kickass outfits.

[Source: Variable Facebook]


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