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Basically my thoughts on every press conference, including Bethesda's showcase, the Nintendo Direct, and the PC Gaming Showcase. I didn't get to see Microsoft or Nintendo, only caught some of Square Enix, and most of Ubisoft. Thanks to the internet, it wasn't hard to catch up, but I'm sure I missed stuff, and if I wasn't interested, I may not mention it. Also keep in mind that these are thoughts on many different things thrown together, so don't expect prime organization or in-depth analysis. Saving that for a post-E3 article. All that said, enjoy.

Bethesda - DOOM looks amazing. It' got the dark, atmospheric gameplay early on and then the Hell levels are pure chaos. I wish Hell was a little more red and black instead of all that brown, but it has another year or so to get finished. I really like the multiplayer as well. it already looks smooth, and it reminds me of a more brutal version of the Halo 2 and 3 multiplayer, which I adore. The custom maps and sharing Snapmap feature is great as well. I didn't care at all for Dishonored, so naturally I don't care about Dishonored 2. Fallout Shelter looks like a neat little distraction, at least more thought out than most mobile games. I didn't care for Fallout 3 or the Fallout 4 trailers prior to this conference. Now I'm totally on-board. The absurd customization, the actual decent humor, the lack of a green filter like the last game, the combat looks a lot better, and it just looks like infinite amounts of fun, even without moving more than 20 feet. Like, it just flew up to possibly my most anticipated game from not even being in my top 10 prior to this. You got me, Bethesda.

Microsoft - I hate to say it, but I now want an Xbox One. First of all, they announced backwards compatibility. If Sony doesn't do the same, that's gonna be a huge deal and i definitely approve. One thing I was waiting for was the Gears Remastered and Gears 4. Unfortunately, Xbox One exclusivity confirmed for both. Don't have the system so I wanted a PC release, but it's still cool to see the series get attention, but I'm meh on the Gears 4 gameplay demo. Two games by classic creators shocked me. Recore from Keiji Inafune (Mega Man creator) and the Metroid Prime team looks really neat and unique, though we didn't get much in terms of mechanics besides the "recore" function itself. The Rare Replay, thirty classic Rare/Rareware games for $29.99 is absolutely awesome, both because Rare is getting love and because the games are such a great value. Rare is also releasing an online pirate game, Sea of Thieves, that actually looks really fun. if actual Rare makes a great game while many of their former employees are working on one, it'll be absolutely awesome.

Halo 5 looks cool, but I don't care all that much about it to be honest. The free games with Xbox One pre-orders, such as the Rainbow Six: Vegas games with a purchase of Siege, or Fallout 3 with a purchase of Fallout 4 are nice incentives, but a saving of a few dollars at most. Dark Souls 3 looks pretty damn epic, though admittedly, I need to put more effort into getting into the series. Glad it's not another exclusive. Fallout definitely looks nice on Xbox One and the announcement of PC mod compatibility with Xbox One is sweet, but doesn't affect me. Rise of the Tomb Raider, couldn't care less. Xbox One users seem to be getting a lot of betas and the EA Access thing sounds like a pretty cool deal, at least until you get sick of the games it offers for $5 a month, great way to try out games like Titanfall and Inquisition though. Also,that Cuphead game looks like an old school Hanna-Barbera cartoon brought to life and I adore it. I like the RPG mechanic of Rock Band 4, an if I know enough people that'll play with me, it'll be very tempting. Overall, I'm much more sold on Xbox than I would have guessed. I may not try super hard to buy one, but I'd be very happy if i already owned the Xbox One.

Electronic Arts - EA knows how to get me hyped. Mass Effect trailer with a Johnny Cash tune? I can't explain how much I love that. Besides the graphical supremacy, Need for Speed did nothing interesting for me. A lame trailer an stupid cutscenes, with pretty gameplay that looked wonky control-wise. That free Old Republic expansion prompted me to almost immediately re-download the game. Any Star Wars story from BioWare sells me immediately, especially one they're not technically selling. I geeked out a bit, but those twins could look less like Starkiller, despite it looking awesome otherwise. Cool that they gave Unravel some time, but it reeks of standard indie platformer fare to me.

I like sports, but, as always, the EA Sports lineup looks like more of the same. Gameface still doesn't impress, NHL 16 will be good, Madden will likely be more of the same, and NBA Live might finally be decent. FIFA will be the best in the lineup, but I don't care about soccer so of course that doesn't do much for me. The Pele Soccer Hour was quite unwelcome. The mobile lineup, you've gotta be kidding me. That's bad even for the defending worst company there is. Mirror's Edge Catalyst honestly seems like Half-Life with kicking and jumping. I've been extremely skeptical about Battlefront, but it looks like it's keeping enough of the old games' gameplay and missions to not be as boring as Battlefield is. You can play as a Rodian and Luke and Vader fighting on Hoth kicks ass. I really want it now, didn't think I would. This year, dude.

Ubisoft - But it is just a trailer, it might be more exciting to actually play. I caught the end of the for Honor trailer, but I watched the gameplay demo after and I'm now in love with it. The combat system is unique and looks extremely efficient, it looks as if Dynasty Warriors had the strategic elements of Bushido Blade, and I like the multiplayer aspect, feeling like part of a larger force rather than an OP berserker. I did like the trailer for Syndicate, mostly because old-timey British stuff is awesome, but I don't see it being anything special within the context of the series, though I want it to be. I honestly don't care about The Division, but I guess it's pretty. I did absolutely love the Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer, probably the biggest new game for me so far. Oh yeah! South park: The Fractured but Whole immediately blows Stick of Truth out of the water, seemingly.

Sony - I didn't get to see this one, so my analysis will kind of jump around the show. I'm not a Kingdom Hears fan. The first game had a lot going for it, but it was so boring to play. Due to this, the second game never got my time. The third entry looks amazing, the morphing keyblades, the gorgeous environments, and that awesome Pegasus special attack, but that mobile game looks bad. As a massive Metal Gear Solid fan, I didn't like that trailer. The horn thing and the unnecessary blood on everyone and the black facepaint growing out of people and the whole "revolution" thing, and the zombies and the totally not Geth Husks from Mass Effect, it all looked kinda dumb to me and I'm very disappointed. The new Hitman looks pretty sweet, but I need to try the last game finally before I get too hyped about it. I like the original games though. Rainbow Six Siege honestly doesn't look very fun, and I do enjoy the franchise.

I still really, REALLY want No Man's Sky. I thought it sounded awesome before, but when I realized all we've seen is a small portion of a small area that seems to be approximately .0000001% of the whole thing, I just about soiled myself. I'm fairly indifferent to the Final Fantasy VII remake, it's cool I guess, but there are better games that deserve the treatment more in the series. Don't care about those Beyond and Heavy Rain movies coming to PS4. The biggest news to me is Shenmue 3, because YESYESYESYESYES! Rise of the Tomb Raider looks even worse than I expected, and The Last Guardian looks pretty sweet, though I've had a hard time getting into their previous games. I may get an absurd amount of hate for this, but I don't see myself liking Street Fighter V. It looks like a smoother Street Fighter IV, and I didn't enjoy that game. The Tatooine Survivor Mode trailer for Battlefront didn't kick as much ass as the Hoth trailer but still looked fun. Love that split-screen exists, most modern shooters seem to hate the idea of having friends. I haven't played Uncharted, but Uncharted 4 does look very fun. Black Ops III looks good for a modern COD game but I won't be buying it. Don't care about the VR game. PS is definitely the go-to console still, though Xbox One definitely made some headway.

Nintendo - The new Animal Crossing game looks nice, but it sounds even more tedious than most games in the series, which I get the appeal of, but still. Amiibo Festival looks cool, though we don't really need more Mario Party, maybe if it was a 3DS game it'd make more sense as an alternative for those without a Wii U. I don't exactly get why they're meshing Mario & Luigi with paper Mario, but the game looks fun, as Mario RPG's somehow tend to. Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Blastball both look decently fun, but it's impossible to not be brutally disappointed by a chibi multiplayer game and a sports game in one of my favorite series. DK and Bowser in Skylanders, cool I suppose, whatever. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is gonna be sweet, but I wanna actually see it. Speaking of, nice screens for Fire Emblem: Fates, but again, gameplay please? You're not Microsoft. I don't care as much as most about Zelda, but it would have been a big thing if they hadn't reassured us that it's coming to Wii U. Speaking of, Hyrule Warriors on 3DS with the ability to wreck fools with a boat is amazing. Mario Maker looks kinda cool I guess. Star Fox Zero looks glorious though an I need it now. I need the system first, but semantics.

Square Enix - I've never played Nier though I've read good things, I just think it's awesome that anything not massively popular is getting a shot from Square Enix, that's kind of not their thing. Nice to see Hitman get a release date, but my opinion of it wasn't really swayed. Just Cause 3 looks as great as ever, though as quickly as the last two games dropped in price, I'll be waiting on it. It is nice to see tombs in Tomb Raider, so the new one might not be terrible after all. Hoping you can actually play this one. Mankind Divided looks pretty sweet, but I still need to play Human Revolution. I have yet to play Star Ocean, but it's awesome that the series is getting some love again. man, there are a lot of Square Enix games I need to try. Been a while since I said that, actually I never have. Last time I did, they were just Square (sick burn, I know). That new ROG project looks pretty, but I'll give it no points until I know more. So just a lot of sequels, most of which were already revealed, but some surprising love for seemingly forgotten IP's, Square Enix finally doesn't suck.

PC - Overall, a pretty lackluster show. Wasn't a fan of the celebration of the "gaming is art, anyone can make games, we love each other" thing starting talking about blood and intestine physics, but Killing Floor isn't bad by itself. I am happy that PC is getting Killer Instinct and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Fable Legends looks less bad that I expected, to be fair. Phil Spencer made it sound like we may get more of the "Xbox exclusives" coming to PC, so that's nice, but it is Xbox, so who knows, not holding my breath. Pillars of Eternity's new expansion looks nice, and it's sweet to see Obsidian finally getting love after making so many great games like Neverwinter Nights 2, KOTOR 2, and New Vegas. Strafe looks decently fun, but not exciting enough for me to purchase. New Hitman, we get it. i don't care about the tech behind my graphics cards, AMD. Stop perpetuating stereotypes. I am interested in Project Blue Streak, but that's because I love Cliffy B and he's always so passionate and puts so much into games. Enter the Gungeon looks really cool, and I love the word "Gungeon". I really like Starcraft, I should really give the second game a shot. No Man's Sky still looks awesome, and ten people? How even? Would prefer something new though.

Overall, E3 is pretty exciting so far. There are many games I really want to get my hands on. Though for every exciting game, there were two or three I couldn't care less about. Maybe more. That's honestly better than usual, but my hype is up to be sure, and I need more income.


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