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Ten years ago today, the world's love for Batman was renewed with one of the most beloved superhero trilogies ever created. Christopher Nolan rocked our screens and minds with the iconic and game-changing Batman Begins.

A lot has happened in the past ten years. Phones are now all touch screen and getting bigger. Facebook is a thing, but at the same time it kind of isn't. Virtual reality is right on the horizon. The pound sign turned into a hashtag. Being a nerd is now cool. Hipsters happened. The economy crashed and is slowly coming back. I became that dreaded kind of person we all never actually want to be: an adult.

But one thing hasn't changed. If anything it only got stronger. I love Batman.

I honestly think I came out of the womb singing "Na na na na na na na Batman!" Batman is and always will be my favorite superhero. He's been a mainstay in my life right alongside Captain Jack Sparrow, Simba, and Harry Potter. And while my love for everything Batman hasn't faltered in the slightest, my views on him have changed slightly.

So this article is going to do two things here. First, I will show you and the whole world my undying love for the Dark Knight. Second, it will help me chronicle my life in respect to Batman.

So, buckle up. Keep your arms and legs inside the Batmobile at all times. And prepare for a journey through my (relatively short) life.

The Early Years

As a budding Batman fan, I found myself watching shows like Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, and Justice League. Those were my three favorite shows and I still love them to this day.

But my love for Batman extended beyond just the TV screen. I dressed up as Batman three years in a row for Halloween. The costume is still in my parents' basement. And we still have pictures of it (I would add the pictures here, but I don't have them with me and they're not digital copies).

My parents at first thought it would be great having me dressing up as Batman. That is until I actually did it. Being a girl who dressed up as Batman, people surprisingly found it difficult to understand. They wanted to call me Batgirl. To put things simply, I wasn't happy about that. And it's not because I don't like Batgirl. It's because I was dressed up as Batman. Clearly adults just didn't understand that. Well, all but my dad that is.

My dad played a major role in my love for all things movie related. He cultivated my love for Batman among other things, and it's thanks to him that I'm able to write this article for you today. I don't think I realized it then, but looking back I'm pretty sure he's the reason I am the person I am.

That awkward middle school phase

This part slightly extends earlier on into elementary school and a little into freshman year, but I think you get the gist.

Right around this time, we were introduced to the beauty that is Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. My dad, my older sister, and myself watched these movies together. We didn't get the chance to watch them in theaters, unfortunately, but we still got to enjoy them together on the couch when my younger siblings were asleep and my mom was doing work.

The movies were quite long and extensive as you well know, so I didn't remember much after watching them the first time around. What I do remember is sitting there afterwards completely taken aback at the marvelous wonders that I was just subject to by watching these movies. I remember talking about it with my dad for days to come. And rewatching them several years later to once again get that awesome experience.

At this point in time, my favorite TV shows from my childhood had ended. I was turning into an awkward prepubescent and I was making all the wrong choices in life. I read the Twilight series. I'm pretty sure that sums up what kind of a person I became during these years.

However, despite the enjoyment I got out of vampire novels and the ignorance I had to my own strange mind, my love for superheroes managed to survive through those dark times. And once again, this is thanks to my dad.

High school and later teen years

As a teen that finally broke away from her middle school rut, I was delving back into the wonderful world of geekdom. And I found a show that has satisfied me beyond my expectations. Young Justice.

This show along with The Dark Knight Rises was all it took to get my Batman love to where it once was. My dad and I counted the days until The Dark Knight Rises came out. We spent so much time getting psyched for it, watching several trailers and interviews with the cast. And then we didn't even end up seeing it in theaters.

I know. Bummer.

But I still got to see it for the first time with my dad. And I've gotta be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I don't know if it's because the movie wasn't that great or because I just built it up so much in my mind that I was disappointed. Possibly a little bit of both.

After watching that movie, my life took a turn. I started to look at things a little more critically. Instead of just talking about how awesome a comic book movie was with my dad, I started talking about what they did wrong and what could've been done better. I started to reassess movies and myself in the process. And the types of movies I enjoyed started to change.

College and Moviepilot collide

As my life started to change, I found myself interested in a few different things. The most important of them was still movies and Batman was still a big part of that. But other superheroes started to come in favor. Deadpool. Spiderman. Captain Marvel. Nightwing. The Flash. Wonder Woman (whom I seemed to not like as a kid for some unfathomable reason).

I also found myself becoming more and more compelled by characters with flaws and with good stories. And while I love Batman with all my heart, my view on him changed slightly.

He was no longer awesome because of the Batmobile. He was no longer awesome because he didn't have superpowers and was able to keep up with the best super powered people on the planet. He was longer awesome for that fact that he was Batman.

He was awesome because of what he'd been through. And I'm not just talking about his parents dying - though that is one major factor. I'm talking about Jason Todd dying. I'm talking about Jason Todd coming back angrier than ever and as the Red Hood. I'm talking about finding out he has a son with Talia Al Ghul. I'm talking about teaching that son how to be good and then having to lose him. I'm talking about having to deal with being one of very few non-powered superheroes that has to save the world time and time again.

However, as I entered college and started using Moviepilot and eventually becoming a creator here, my view on Batman changed a little more. I no longer saw him as an idol to look up to. He is still my favorite, but I understand him a bit more than I did before.


Essentially, my life went from being a naive little kid who loves Batman to a slightly less naive little college student who loves Batman. Not much has changed in that time. Not for me at least (except for that small little part about Twilight which I apologize for bringing up again).

My love for all things geeky and Batman stems from a childhood filled with wonderful TV shows, movies, and an awesome dad who I can geek out with about this stuff.

What's your story with Batman?


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