ByBernard M Lynch Jr, writer at

I always love the good/evil movies. Forget zombies and found footage. They burned themselves out. But finding the 4-disc (Blu-ray) set at a local DVD shop, I thought I'd give it a try ($7.95 for the 3 originals, plus THE OMEN reboot.

I was really pleased. I watched all three of the originals in a row, and the storyline held firm, and I was not disappointed at all. No real special effects or CGI which was a relief (these days), and it really was about Damien from his start to, well, don't count on me for spoilers. I did hear there's an OMEN IV out that which is really garbage, and the three movies neatly wrapped up the entire story.

If you can find this Blu-ray collection (in shoddy packaging) grab it if under $10. You really will get your money's worth, and it's a great throw-back to when horror movies were serious horror movies.



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