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Pretty much a fan of all but if you come at me with horror I have a salt shaker and an iron rod and I'm not afraid to use them :D
Andrea Marie Cini

The unimaginable has happened, the weeping Angels have the Tardis! The Doctor, put up a valiant fight, but was no match for them this time around. See, the weeping angels had not survived all these millennia simply by chance, they watched and learnt from their own past. The last time they had sent his precious companions to the past, this time, it had been the Doctor himself. Sent to the mysterious 19th century, the Doctor must team up with the legendary Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in the hopes of uncovering the cause of mysterious phenomena occurring all around London. Things from the present are vanishing, important people, however things are returning from the past... and the future. If this fluidity of time continues, it will collapse destroying the whole universe- past, present and future. It is up to the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes, two of the greatest minds ever known, to prevent this catastrophe from happening.

Or that's what I'd wish to see if BBC ever decided to make a Doctor Who and Sherlock Crossover. For many years, fans of these two British shows have begged, pleaded and, possibly, bribed the directors of the ever famous Doctor Who and Sherlock for such an episode to happen. For those of you that have not been fortunate enough to be familiar with the two series here's a brief summary. Sherlock first aired in 2010 and follows the classic adventures of the world famous Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as they solve the crimes that plague the streets of London from the iconic 221B Baker Street. Doctor who, on the other hand, first aired over fifty years ago and follows a time travelling alien who travels across space and time in a blue police box protecting the Earth, and many other planets, from disastrous alien invasions, possibly causing some ' wobbly wobbly, timey wimey' problems as well.

Now that you know what the two series are about, you may want to know the reason why I believe such a crossover would be amazing to see. Well, the Doctor has travelled through time and space, having witness (and triggered) the infamous eruption of Pompeii, hunted ghosts with Charles Dickens and fought witches with Shakespeare. It's only expected that a crossover episode where this timetraveler meets the ingenious Sherlock Holmes would be totally epic. Before, I gave one possible cause of such a meeting, but the two worlds are just so vast that the possibilities are endless. Maybe Moriarty and the Master, the two greatest villains of the two series, teamed up to cause chaos for our heroes, or maybe the Doctor must hunt the alien Hounds of the Baskerville to stop a premature apocalypse from engulfing the Earth and thus triggering the unlikely meeting of Timelord and detective. Like I said, the possibilities are truly endless.

Sadly, it seems that such an episode will, for now, remain a dream for fans. But, using the wise words uttered by the Doctor, we will for ever be dreamers of improbably dreams and thus nothing is impossible.


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