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Since Marvel Studios and Sony announced their partnership to make (yet again) a new franchise about our favorite webslinger, I have been thinking about the ideal cast. Here's my definite list, I hope youll enjoy it!

Peter Parker/ Spider-Man: Asa Butterfield

Just look at this picture: he's the perfect Peter Parker. I iniatilly thought about Logan Lerman, but he's to old now to pull off the teenage look. Im sure Butterfield is the right choice to play the shy and geeky part of he character, but also his playful side.

Uncle Ben: Tom Hanks

Let this be clear: I do NOT want to see Ben Parker's death again. Two times is enough. But come on, a Spider-Man fancast wouldn't be complete without him! Now, uncle Ben is a kind, loving man and Peter's inspiration right? Who's better for this role than Tom Hanks? Yep, he's perfect.

Aunt May: Meryl Steep

This lady needs no introduction. She has proven time and time again that she was an amazing actress, and she would bring out the funny and charming side of Peter's beloved aunt. The age difference between her and Tom Hanks is only seven years, so that's not a problem.

Gwen Stacy: Elle Faning

While I tought Emma Stone was very good as Gwen, she's now to old to play the role of a teenage girl. A fan favorite, Elle Faning is very charming, quite talented, and actually looks like Gwen!

Mary Jane Watson: Kristen Stewart

She is a bit older than Asa Butterfield and the other younger actors, but I think that's fine for the more mature character that MJ is, and she could be good as both the girl next girl and the wannabe model sides of this Peter's love interest. While some might argue she isn't the best actress, she did receive the 2015 Cesar award for the best actress in a supporting role and general acclaim for her performance in Camp X-Ray. Yes, she was VERY bad in Twilight, but that's not entirely her fault.

Norman Osborn: Jason Isaacs

Norman Osborn is in my opinion Spidey's best villain. He's rich, immensely powerful, manipulative and totally mad. But it's really Peter's relation with his son that makes him so interesting. Jason Isaacs just looks great fot the part, and we all know he's able to play a good villain.

Harry Osborn: Tom Holland

Holland is actually in the run to be the new Spidey, wich I wouldn't mind, but to me he would be even better as Harry. He has the looks, is in the same age range as Butterfield and I think he could pull off the character eventual breakdown.

Black Cat/ Felicia Hardy: Felicity Jones

Jones did play the part in The Amazing Spider-Man, but it wasn't the same character at all, and she wasn't ginvin anything to do anyway. Im pretty sure she would have been the lead in the planned female-lead movie set in the Spider-Man universe, but that's not happening now, She has the looks and she's a good actress: she was nominated for the best actress Academy award dammit! It was a perfect cast choice the first time, it would be the same this time around.

Flash Thompson: Timothee Chalamet

Once again, a young actor I picked from the frontrunner list for the new Spider-Man. I immediately thought about Flash when I saw Chalamet on the list. He just looks like the kind of kid that was confident and poular at school. He wan't given much to do in Interstellar, so I don't know how good of an actor he is, but im sure he could pull off Flash Thompson.

Betty Brandt: Maggie Gyllenhaal

I've always liked the idea of Betty Brandt being a lot older than Peter, but that he's still attracted to her. It was touched upon in The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. Maggie Gyllenhaal is an actress I like very much, and I think she would fit the part nicely.

J. Jonah Jameson: J. K Simmons


Captain George Stacy: Mark Harmon

Captain Stacy is one of Peter's paternal figures, and Mark Harmon already feels like one in NCIS. He is a lot older than Elle Faning, but he was always portrayed as an old man in the comics. Plus, he's been playing a cop for thirteen years now, so he has quite a bit of experience in that field.


Do you agree with my choices?

That's it for my fancast of Spidey's close relatives - I hope you enjoyed it, a fancast of his impressive rogue gallery is coming soon! Leave a comment to let me know wich if these you agree with-

By the way this is my first article, so feel free to follow my page!


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