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Okay, I'm still in shock at that season finale, which dripped blood like no episode has before it. Yes the Red Wedding was terrible, and the Battle of the Blackwater was shocking and bloody, but this episode was like both mixed together, with a little bit of the season 1 finale thrown in for good measure. Overall it was an incredible hour of television, even if it made me jump up and down in frustration several times. By the way, before I get too far in, there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD for all of Game of Thrones up to the end of season 5. There will also be POTENTIAL SPOILERS for future seasons.

I'm still alive bitches
I'm still alive bitches

Season 5 has really become it's own show. It's left the books behind and started to develop a terrifyingly bloody story of it's own for many of the characters. Who would have thought anyone could be more bloodthirsty than George RR Martin? It's absolutely insane. Let's take a look at the individual stories we have seen throughout season 5.

King's Landing

Cersei's story has certainly advanced in season 5. At the beginning of the season, she was mourning her father, while ruling comfortably over the Kingdom, with her son under her thumb just like she always wanted Joffrey to be. She had assembled a gang of hangers-on to surround her while she had total domination. However one of this season's main story arcs has been the downfall of Cersei Lannister. She raised up the religious fighters, only to be torn down by them. She was accused of adultery, which suddenly is being taken very seriously, and finally admitted to her crimes. Her walk was an incredible moment, because it really completed her story of downfall, and now she has reached rock bottom, she is left in an interesting place where she can only go up, but does she have any fight left in her? Meanwhile, her plotting left Margaery and Loras in prison as well, and Tommen, the actual king of Westeros, who this series should really be about, got pushed out of the spotlight, as his mother's actions made him powerless to do anything. The new member of the Kingsguard who we met at the end of the season is bound to be interesting, as he isn't very... normal.

The result of Qyburn's experimentations on humans. He is essentially a frankenstein style monster.

In season 6, there is not much indication of what we can expect to see in King's landing. It's possible that Tommen will be forced into the spotlight by a lack of competent people surrounding him. Cersei may return, but she still has to stand trial for her crimes, as well as Margaery and Loras. Also, the Sparrows are surely going to eventually declare civil war at some stage, especially if they try to kill Margaery or Cersei.


While Cersei was pushed down in King's Landing, she pushed Jaime away as far as she could, all the way to Dorne. An exciting prospect at the beginning of the season, seeing the sand snakes was less thrilling than I had imagined. They were just so evil, and scary. Jaime brought Bronn with him to Dorne, which is a brilliant choice, and set about trying to escape with Princess Myrcella, however a problem arose when she refused to leave. Jaime found himself at the mercy of Prince Doran Martell, who eventually let him go. When you describe it, it really doesn't sound like a lot happened to Jaime this year. But that shock ending, again escaping far from the books, looks like it killed off Princess Myrcella. This is incredible, because it is going to cause all out war between Dorne and King's Landing, which is going to be difficult for King's Landing, because they're in the middle of a religious war. What does Jaime do now? Does he return to King's Landing with the body and mourn? Or does he return to Dorne and try to kill everyone? Probably the former.

Look out in season 6 for this developing storyline, while Stannis' rebellion appears to be over, another is just beginning.


Speaking of people Cersei sent away, she sent Mace Tyrell (the most incompetent person in Westeros, how in the many faced God's name has he survived this long?) to Braavos in order to get more money for the crown. However, with him went Sir Meryn Trant, giving Arya Stark the opportunity she had long waited for, since she had watched Trant kill her friend and teacher Syrio Forel. Arya developed into an even more dangerous character throughout this season, learning how to kill and accept a great deal of pain, all while becoming able to wear faces like an expert. The scene where she killed Trant was stunning, and I swore it was a dream for a couple of minutes, but was thrilled to find it wasn't. Her storyline, while having similar qualities to the book, is part ahead and part behind. Her going blind certainly means her time with Jaqen H'ghar is not at it's end.

In season 6 I imagine she will become even more dangerous, and then who knows? Maybe she will let go of her other hatreds, and forget the rest of the list. Maybe she will become a terrifying master assassin and go kill Cersei Lannister.


Many horrible, terrible things happened this season. But that line made up for... most of them. When you think about it, the rest of the show is kind of irrelevant now isn't it? Tyrion and Daenerys together will take over Westeros. I absolutely loved seeing the scenes with the two of them together. Anyway, Daenerys had to deal with her own civil war within Meereen, while Tyrion slowly journeyed towards her with Varys, then with Jorah Mormont. When he finally made it there, they were only together for a short time before Drogon and Daenerys went on a little Mother-Son trip. Tyrion being put in charge of Meereen, helped by Grey Worm, Missandei and Varys is inevitably going to mean the city will be whipped into shape by the time Daenerys returns. Of course that's assuming Daenerys can escape the giant Khalasar surrounding her.

In season 6 look out for Daenerys dealing with the Khalasar, and probably finally taking off for Westeros at some point... hopefully.

The North

Are you serious?
Are you serious?

Well... Stannis got a little... insane. This season was something else for him. I thought that he was starting to go a little crazy, but he really just went off the rails didn't he? Marching south with his army was all good. That's fine. Getting stopped by a snow storm and trying to figure out the best way to escape his situation. That's fine. Killing your daughter, pushing your wife to suicide, then losing half your army and witch and still marching straight into inevitable death. Not cool man! The worst thing is he probably isn't dead, because let's face it, no matter how much Brienne hates him, she won't do it. She's too honourable. Therefore he is going to have to get back on his feet somehow in season 6. Meanwhile, Sansa, starting out the season as a bad ass, became what she had always been, a trapped, scared girl, who was constantly being abused. Not as much character development as we thought occurred there, eh? Well thankfully there eventually was a little character development for Theon/Reek, who finally helped her escape after killing that annoying girl. Now who knows what will happen? Sansa was banking on Brienne. By the way, let's take a minute to talk about Brienne. She spent this whole season watching a tower, and left it six seconds before she was needed? YOU HAD ONE JOB BRIENNE! It's too ironic, it hurts you right in the gut.

In season six we can hope to see Sansa, Theon, Podrick, Brienne and Stannis getting together and forming a band, but that doesn't mean it will happen. Seriously though, no idea. It could be anything at this point, let's just hope someone finally gets rid of the Boltons. I hate those guys!

The Wall

Can't. Wildlings. Hardhome. Ice Zombies. Jon... too painful...

Season six... please don't be dead. Ice zombie invasion.

That's about all I can handle. It was just too much right at the end there, sorry guys. Season six will branch off into whole new stories, because George RR Martin probably still won't have finished the next book, they are on their own now. We've just kind of finished the Stannis-Bolton war, and now we've got about four more going on. It's pretty exciting, and I'm not sure I can take any more heartbreak, so it's a good thing there's barely anyone left to kill right?


Which storyline was your favourite in season 5?


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