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In a battle between the greatest original fire Pokemon and the deadliest Marvel character who will take out the prize. Below I will show some facts about what both can do and how they would be able to win. Firstly, you're probably wondering why these two. Well Deadpool is a hard to beat superhero so I thought to put a Pokemon against him that is a fire one might just take the cake. We'll see what happens there then won't we.


Deadpool is a very fast healing character so in any death match he would be healing himself quickly. His body is also highly resistant to most toxins and drugs. Woah too much information Deadpool. One of the main things about Deadpool is he can hardly die and if he does go down then that's a big surprise. He's a very highly trained assassin so trying to beat him is pretty hard unless you're a character that is highly trained yourself. Anyways I'm sure you've heard enough about Deadpool. Let's go onto his Rival Charmander.


Now Charmander has great fire abilities so if he were to take down another character when they're already down a good start would be to try Deadpool when he's trying to heal which would make it double the fire power. Charmander owns a rage attack which earns more power for him. Tough one right. The rage works where he continues to fight until he's fully attacked the opponent he's up against. This may be tough. The only way you know Charmander is in good health is by looking at his tail. If it's got fire on it then you know he's in good health.

Let the battle begin

Deadpool starts shooting and then Charmander strikes with fire. Deadpool is knocked down but instantly gets back up for another attack. Deadpool tries kicking Charmander's tail but ends up burnt. Not a good move there for Deadpool. Charmander strikes again with fire but misses. Deadpool has a good chance of getting him back as soon as the strike is over. So Deadpool jumps up real high and squashes Charmander down. Charmander can still get back up but has nearly no strength left so as Charmander's getting up a punch move comes from Deadpool and bam. Deadpool wins. Charmander dies. Deadpool is happy that this Pokemon didn't stay alive for long because as Deadpool knows himself, he never dies.

Deadpool winner.
Deadpool winner.

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