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Welcome to my first ever Trailer Run. The idea came from Grace Randolph, she's a youtuber and did this once or twice before dropping the idea. So I figured I'll pick it up with the four new trailers I watch for films coming out. What is a Trailer Run you may ask? Well you watch the trailer and then I comment on my thoughts on it. And more importantly, does it make me want to see the film in theaters or wait till it comes to Redbox.

The Martian -

The Trailer - (Make sure to stick around after the trailer for the scene from the film)

To me, the trailer starts off a little dull, but the scene introducing the cast of the shuttle really sells the film for me. To me it looks like an Interseller type film, but lets hope there is no crazy ending killing the film like Intersteller did. I like the fact that Mark Watni (Matt Damon) is a smart ass. But dang, I love that music in the background.

Based on the trailer and the scene I would want to see the film in theaters, but that is because space films nowadays (Gravity, Intersetller) even if the film is bad, the spectacle is in the cinamatogray. But this will not be the last Trailer for this film, knowing Hollywood nowadays. They will probably be more on the way between now and October 2015 when it is released. (The release date was not in the trailer but it' on Google) And knowing this is a book, I will read it eventually, but I do not want to spoil the movie so I'll wait until I see the film to read the book.

With the scene and this trailer, I'd give them an A-

Zootopia -

The Trailer -

I'm going to guess that from the trailer the Fox is going to be a con-man type character. But unlike the other films of this so called new Disney Renaissance, this one actually looks good. Don't get me wrong, I liked Big Hero 6 but Frozen, Tangled, and Wreck It Ralph didn't shout out to me "Buy me, rewatch me" this trailer made me laugh a few times, even with the moments being a little childish. Like when Fox is shot in the butt by Bunny or forgets to pull up his zipper.

Like Big Hero 6, I'll wait for this film to be released so I can enjoy it without the sound of children crying, complaining, and other things they do at the theaters because they can't sit still for 2 hours and pay attention. Unless the Regal buy by house shows this film in the 21 and older theater (It's something they do for people who want to see kid's films without the kids)

I'd give this little teaser trailer and B, possibly and B+

the Man from Uncle -

The Trailer - (This is the second one)

After the first trailer, there were so many comments of people saying this was a knock off of the FX comedy 'Archer', but in reality this movie is based off an old televison series from the 1960's (1964-1968). I don't have to explain too much about what the film will be about if you watched the trailer so I'll just give my 2 cents.

I kind of like hearing Henry Cavill talking and not being all brooding, like he did in Man of Steel. Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger, Facebook Movie) does a pretty decent Russian accent. The two females of the film Elizabeth Debicki and Alicia Vikander are not just there to be pretty like many of the bound girls. Elizabeth even takes on Illya (Hammer) and winning. I like the fact the two agents Solo and Illya don't like each other instantly because it's for their countries. They instantly start fighting and Illya even calls Solo 'cowboy'. But my favorite parts are the 'that's what she said moment' when Solo says

That's what she said
That's what she said

"What are you doing down there" "Trying not to get lost"

I find it funny that Solo is saying all these things that are not funny to him, but to the scene its funny.

But I think, like Kingmen, the old Spy film genera has gone the way of the Dinosaur. With them being more about comedy with action instead of just action and being completely serious.

I'd give the trailer a B and would see the film in theaters, but if I couldn't because of time or money I would rent it. But if it was close to Black Friday and I could buy it for less the 5 I'd give it a go.

Mockingjay Part 2 -

the Trailer -

Now let me get one thing off my chest, I have seen 1-3 and none of them made me think 'man I wish I had seen that in theaters'. With me not knowing anything about the books, because I've only read the first one and half the second one (at this moment in time 6/15/15) I thought the cheater Peeta might have died because he was missing in the trailer but as you saw he is alive and doing much better then he had in the last film.

I don't really have a favorite part of this trailer, but I did like the song. So, instead of having a photo of my favorite part, I'll use the scene Philip Seymour Hoffman was in. RIP PSH.

I'd give this trailer a B-, I'd see the film in theaters if when it comes out Part 1's bluray comes with a ticket inside. I haven't purchased it yet, because much like 1 and 2 I thought the films were decent, but not worth 10-20 dollars to own. But for 5 it is. Alot of times when it comes to films in a series I wait to buy them to see if they have a ticket inside the bluray so it's like I get the film for free. I did it with Origins Wolverine and X3 when Wolverine came out.


What was your Favorite Trailer?


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