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I just finished reading "Ms. Marvel Volume 1: Not Normal" and loved it so much that I just put Volume 2 on hold at my local library. In fact, I have enjoyed the character so much that I believe that she should be Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead if Carol Danvers or Mar-Vell.

Here are a few reason's why:

She Adds Much Needed Diversity to the MCU

Kamala at a Mosque
Kamala at a Mosque

One of the most criticized parts of the MCU (and superhero movies in general) is the lack of diversity. Kamala Khan being Captain Marvel would be a huge step in the right direction, seeing as she is female, Arab and Muslim, the movie would be killing three birds with one stone.

Also, from a business perspective, Marvel would definitely make more moolah from casual moviegoers who are curious about a different type of superhero movie. And if they like this movie, the audience might start watching Marvel movies and start buying Ms. Marvel comics!

Furthermore, there would undoubtedly be very much news coverage covering this groundbreaking movie's release. So that would mean that anyone who watches the news would know bout the movie and some might just go see it.

It Would Help Set up the Inhuman Movie

Seeing as how the Inhumans movie follows shortly after Captain Marvel in the MCU movie slate, and seeing how Kamala got her powers from the Terrigan mists, Kamala being Captain Marvel makes perfect sense. Also, since the Inhumans rival the Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of obscurity, the film needs all the support it can get.

Also, another reason why her origin is great is she struggles to decide wether or not to tell her friends and family her secret. This origin is very similar to that of Peter Parker/Spider-man's, which would give the audience a sense of familiarity.

And since Marvel will likely skip Spidey's origin, Kamala's would be the perfect substitute.

She's New and Interesting


One of the things both audiences and critics agreed on about Guardians of the Galaxy, was that due to their obscurity the film had a sense of freshness that the heavily-saturated superhero genre had lacked in recent years.

You would probably get much of the same effect if Kamala was Captain Marvel, especially since she was only introduced last year.

Even people who have heard of the character most likely know the character's identity as Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers or Billy Batson, so seeing her have a solo movie would be a shock to normal people and comic nerds alike.

Well, that's my list! Hope you liked it!


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