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This week I found a real golden nugget of Netflix, as I continue my search for those films which most people have never heard of, but should have. This is certainly one of them. You know Bill Murray from his various successes in Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day and Scrooged, to name but a very few. He has a huge number of brilliant comedies, but this is one of the best. The Man who knew too little stars Murray as Wallace Ritchie, an American Video store worker who comes to England to visit his brother James (Peter Gallagher) to celebrate his own birthday. But Wallace isn't going to have a normal birthday.

Unfortunately his brother is busy hosting some German businessmen for dinner with his upper class English wife, and therefore they need to get rid of Wallace for the evening. So they send him to an interactive acting experience, where a troupe of actors put you in a real life situation and the story changes to react to what you do in the situation. It starts with a phone call you receive at a telephone box. But when Wallace lifts the phone, he accidentally finds himself talking to a real spy. Wallace, thinking it is all part of the act, continues on with it, totally unaware of the plans forming around him. He meets Lori (Joanne Whalley) who he assumes is an actor, while she assumes he is a master spy. What ensues is an amazing number of coincedences and laughs which just don't stop. I couldn't believe how good this film was, and I can't believe I'd never even heard of it before now. Bill Murray delivers a world class performance, with a supporting cast of brilliant British and European actors. The comedy spy genre was still in it's infantile stages when this film came out, and you can see many modern films stories running throughout, showing how much of an inspiration it is to them. This film deserves far better than the reviews I have seen it get, and I advise you all to check out this film immediately!


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