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For all of you Evil Dead fans out there that have bought every edition of every movie they have released, word was just released that Scream Factory is going to be releasing one of the most beloved movies in the the franchise: Army of Darkness.

This iconic campy horror flick has had a large amount of releases, but honestly, I feel as though this will be the best release yet!

Scream Factory states this by saying:

"We will certainly aim to make it the most definitive version to own to date."

There hasn't been an exact date of when the blu-ray will be released, however, we do know that it will be some time in October. It was also said that there will be some newly commissioned artwork and that it will indeed be a 'Collector's Edition.' Pre-order links will be set up next month, with a list of full specs and special features being released next Fall.

Although we haven't had a re-release of any of the other Evil Dead movies for quite some time now, I believe that this particular release of Army of Darkness will be packed with special features that all of us Deadites will endlessly enjoy!


Will you be purchasing this edition of Army of Darkness?


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