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Another grammatically, mechanically, and punctually incorrect rant while procrastinating yet another essay for school.

If you're like me and everyone else, you have the internet. Arguably the greatest tool ever. It allows us to see behind the scene footage, and keep up to date with the latest films like never before. Sounds amazing right? Here's the problem. With the latest updates on films comes nitpicking. Fans are complaining about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL.

See back before big blockbuster superhero films, people we "closet nerds." You didn't want to tell a girl/guy that you rushed to your local comic shop and picked up the latest Batman after school. You kept that stuff to yourself, or amongst a secret group. No one wanted to risk getting shoved in a locker, or being called weird. Now we live in a world where everyone knows who Thor and Iron-Man are. Okay let's be honest, we live in a world where everyone knows who the friggen Guardians of the Galaxy are! This is the Golden age for nerds (don't be a nerd and tell me the golden age was the 40s). Nerds should be shaking with anticipation to see the next superhero flick; so why aren't they?

One complaint that I touched on in another rant is, over saturation. Too many superhero films, and we grow weary of it; which doesn't make sense to me. DC has 52 comics a month, (I only know that because DC now refers to their comics as the new 52. Maybe I'm wrong and there's more) and that's just DC! Factor in, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, (all of the other spider books) Avengers, Thor, Captain America, the cross overs and so on. THEN there's even more! Consider, BOOM Studios, Darkhorse, Image, Paper Cutz, and then indies and so on and on and on. If comics themselves aren't over saturated, then why should their respective movies be? Answer: They shouldn't. Stop looking at the small list of upcoming superhero movies as daunting because it's not.

Next and probably the biggest complain from nerds, is the actor/actress playing the characters. Ben Affleck shouldn't be Batman because look how bad Daredevil was. First off, watch the director's cut of Daredevil and close your eyes during the park fight scene, and that's an awesome movie. Second, A bad script doesn't make Ben Affleck unqualified for Batman. He didn't design the costume, write the script, choreograph, or anything outside of act. There was more at play that made Daredevil bad. Watch Affleck's other films and he's an amazing actor. Give him the right script and you have a winner. Affleck isn't alone in this either. The complaints about Heath Ledger as the Joker. I don't even have to defend why those complaints were wrong.

Let's just do a big attack on the new Fantastic Four. No one liked the original Fantastic Four, and one would think that a darker reboot would be well received. Not when the Human Torch is black. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical about this at first. Not because he's black but because Sue Storm is white. If Johnny, and Sue are brother and sister, shouldn't they be the same color? Are they even brother and sister in this movie? Luckily they are and the simple solution is, Sue was adopted. I look at the world like this. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four are cannon. There run and that book are the original, and set in stone. When one adapts a book to a film that person is creating a new, separate universe. Kinda like Earth 2 in DC. You have your Barry Allen Flash, and then you have your Jay Garrick Flash. Or the Marvel's Ultimate universe. You have Marvel original Spider-Man, and the dead, replaced Ultimate Spider-Man. The point is, the book that you love isn't ruined by this movie. It's just another take on the story.

The new Fantastic Four relates to every argument I have, thankfully. Costumes, let it go. The new Fantastic Four isn't wearing the old school blue spandex with a 4 crest on it. Realistically, they wouldn't. Superman's costume was inspired by wrestlers. That's why he has underwear over his pants, and every superhero after Superman, copies Superman. I don't know if Stan Lee knew that bit of history when he created Spider-Man, but he's the only character that can get away with cinematic spandex in my opinion. For the few that don't know, Spider-Man made his costume so that he could make money as a wrestler, and then tv personal. The Fantastic Four wouldn't have blue spandex to travel into outer-space, and if they did it would look a lot like this.

Those costumes aren't even cannon. Want to see what the Fantastic Four's costumes would look like if they were pulled right from the comics?


That doesn't look too bad. I'd like to see a little bit of blue, but I can live with it. Besides, the costume doesn't make the movie. The story does.

Click this article and you'll understand why I decided to write this. It's a bit old, but still relevant.

If you look at every picture posted with the Thing, can you tell what color is eyes are? If you can, you have freakish vision, and may be a superhero yourself. Again, I understand the want for the movie to be exactly like the comics, but I think as fans/nerds we could stop sweating the small stuff, like eye color. Bash the movie after you watch it and not before!

In conclusion, maybe we need to start shoving nerds back into lockers; so that they can appreciate these movies even being made. I would have killed for live action superhero movie in the 90s, and that wasn't too long ago. When X-Men and Spider-Man came out, do you think my 10 year old self was saying, how come Wolverine isn't wearing yellow spandex, or why doesn't the Green Goblin have purple clothe draped around him. Hell no! I was saying OH MY GOD Spider-Man is swinging through New York. I was sticking butter knifes between my fingers to look like Hugh Jackman, and if I could grow a beard at 10, I would have. APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE. The nitpicking is somewhat good because it lets the film makers know what the audience wants, but don't get carried away with it. We can sacrifice blue eyes for what looks like a good movie.

P.S. Don't actually shove anyone into a locker. Bulling is BAD.


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