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Before reading this awesome article, please note that this contains explicit language. Thank you and enjoy!

Now you are probably wondering two things with the picture above. The first is why is there a cartoon version of professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage inside of a television? The second is what is OSW Review?

Well....let me tell you!

OSW Review stands for Old School Wrestling and it is a video podcast recorded

in glorious grapplevision and encoded in blast processing as we chronologically critique wrestling storylines pay per view by pay per view.

- Jay Hunter (the host of OSW Review)

The best way I can describe OSW Review is that it is a podcast starring three best mates from Dublin Ireland who provide insightful commentaries about the ridiculous nuances and surreal moments that changed professional wrestling. All while mixing in with clips of the show they are reviewing, video games and a absurd amount of Simpsons references (if you like The Simpsons then you will like OSW Review. Hands down.)

Jay Hunter is the creator and host of the show as he is joined alongside co-hosts Steve ( nicknamed V1 because of Matt Hardy's V1 gimmick for you wrestling buffs ) & Steve (nicknamed Mr.OOC which means Out of Character) as they review wrestling storylines throughout various shows. Since its inception in early 2011, the group has produced over 50 different and distinct episodes and has gather a massive following from all walks of life.

Some of the Loyal fans of OSW Review.
Some of the Loyal fans of OSW Review.

Now you may be asking yourself, well what wrestling storylines do these guys review?

Well... Iet me tell you!

Here are just some of the many storylines that OSW Review has well reviewed.

The Hulkamania Era


Whether you are a wrestling fan or not, everyone knows who Hulk Hogan is. When someone mentions Hulk Hogan, people at least know that he is the guy who does the wrestling thing.

OSW Review provides a commentary about the boom period of the early 1980's when HULKAMANIA RAN WILD!!! (sorry- the Hulk Hogan part of me came out) on the state of pro wrestling and change it into the mainstream phenomenon that it is today. OSW chronologically critique every wrestling pay per view from Wrestlemania- where many claim is the beginning of sport entertainment as a whole to Wrestlemania eight which was the last official show that Hulk Hogan appeared on WWE programming.

For a year at least.....

See the Wrestlemania IX episode for more info about Hulk Hogan returning back to WWE.

This era was the basis for OSW Review since this was the first storyline arch that the trio reviewed and would set the overall tone for the show.

DID YOU KNOW: There were originally four members of OSW Review with the fourth member named Neo who left after the Wrestlemania III episode. His whereabouts are parts unknown so if anyone knows where Neo is then let myself or OSW Review know!

DID YOU KNOW: This storyarch gets two did you knows. Coming from Jay Hunter himself, he stated that

"we never thought we'd make it to SummerSlam 92, we originally planned it to be our last episode since that episode is the end of the Hulkamania Era".

The David Arquette Trilogy

David Arquette won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000. Let that sink in for a moment...

This was an actual thing that happened in pro wrestling. I kid you not. This is from the now defunct promotion World Championship Wrestling.OSW thus formed the David Arquette trilogy which looked back at Ready to Rumble-a WCW produced film which was the catalyst for Arquette winning the title on a live showing of WCW thunder and defending it on PPV at WCW's Slamboree.

PROOF that Arquette won the Title!.
PROOF that Arquette won the Title!.

OSW Review goes over the reasoning as to why David Arquette won the world championship and the behind the scenes towards the decision. So sit back, relax and SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! (OSW buffs will get the reference.)

Thee David Arquette Trilogy.
Thee David Arquette Trilogy.

DID YOU KNOW: Besides Arquette winning the title, in the year 2000, there were 25 different WCW world champions. See the WCW Slamboree episode for more details (go to the 53:57 mark).


Extreme Championship Wrestling was a wrestling promotion in the early 1990's that specialized in hardcore wrestling, ultra-violent matches and fast paced action. Nicknamed the ECW saga- it became the next major storyline arch for the trio. OSW Review looked back at ECW's first ever PPV Barely Legal 1997 and then one of their more prominent PPV's HeatWave 98. Then they reviewed the WWE adaptation of the ultra-violent promotion with One Night Stand 2005, 2006 and an a ECW on SC-FI episode. Capping off the saga is its first and only WWEECW produced PPV December to Dismember (WWE's lowest bought PPV of all time).

The ECW logo Credit WWE
The ECW logo Credit WWE

DID YOU KNOW: OSW's Review theme song is Acceptable in the 80's by Calvin Harris. Since the ECW shows were not acceptable in the 80's, Chris Maffei created a Metal Version just for the OSW/ECW shows.Check it out here on Soundcloud.

Brucie Bonus Episodes

Once in a blue moon, OSW Review will review one off shows, WWE studio movies and special modern day PPV reviews. The special reviews are nicknamed Brucie Bonus Episodes which are based on the 80's UK television show Play Your Cards Right. Its random awesomeness!

For example OSW reviewed the M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Happening because well its The Happening.

DID YOU KNOW: They spent over 20 minutes trying to comprehend the science of wavy trees and the wind blowing in different directions in the film. To this day the issue still hasn't been resolved.Its a hell of a show ( go to 20:00 to see this argument).

The Wrestlemania X7 Story Arch (current story arch)

The Wrestlemania X7 Story arch highlights the pinnacle showcase of the WWF attitude era with what many say is the WWE's greatest PPV Wrestlemania X7. This is all in the mist of two main competitors WCW & ECW going out of business and practically changing the landscape of wrestling forever. OSW Review is currently reviewing all of this with these shows.

  • Royal Rumble 2001
  • No Way Out 2001
  • Final WCW Nitro
  • Simulcast RAW
  • WrestleMania X7

Here is the official intro for this storyarch.

DID YOU KNOW: The intro shown was a acceptable in the 80's remix set in tone to Limp Bizkit's "My way" which at the time was the official theme song of Wrestlemania X7 which saw Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson faced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the then WWF Championship.

Who's the Coolest of the Cool?

Now here are some commonly used terms that the gang uses from their OSW Review Dictionary.

"Happy Days are Here Again"!- A phrase coined by Jay after one night at Pieman (a cafe & bar in Dublin) after the place was serving Jack Daniels flavored pies. Steve (Mr.OOC) asked the bar pateron if you sell Jack Daniel Pies to kids and fi they can get drunk on them. Jay said that you need to eat 1000 pies to get drunk on Jack Daniel Pies and if they did they wouldn’t be skipping down the street singing “happy days are here again”, they’d have much bigger problems! Hence the term being made and is the start of every intro along with a complementary HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO by Jay Hunter.

Duggan Special- Means that the end of the match resulted in a double count out or disqualification which results to a fight to the back. This occurred mainly in the 80's.

Splicey-Splicey- A term used to splicing in wrestling clips into the show.

The Fed- An archaic term meaning the federation or the WWF basically.

What Bar!

What bar is probably one of the most popular phrases in OSW Review. Created during the This Tuesday In Texas episode by V1, the gimmick of what bar is to correspond wrestler's attires with candy bars. The rest is history. Watching the video down below is the best way to describe this. Hilarity insures.

Credit OSW Review
Credit OSW Review

OSW Review is a show that all wrestling and nonwrestling fans should watch. Its one of the best video podcasts out there on the internet.

Now, becoming this mega hit on the internet, OSW Review has collaborated with to create the OSW Review Podcast network where there are over 15 different wrestling related podcasts . Here are a description of all of the podcasts currently available on the OSW Podcast Network.

Credit the OSW Review Podcast Network
Credit the OSW Review Podcast Network

The Fuderation Podcast

The FUDeration Podcast is hosted by brothers Tyler and Travis Fudge who hale from Northern Alberta, Canada. The two watch wrestling, read comics and listen to music, why am I telling you this you ask? When the winters reach - 40 you tend to get acquainted with activities in the homestead and all that is apparent when you listen with segments like Crazy Canuck News, Goober of the Week and Hit or Miss, where an obscure album is classified as either a Hit or a Miss. But the meat and potatoes of the show are the brothers review of current WWE pay per views, wrestling movies and single matches from all promotions, good or bad. Plus, where else can you get 'Advice From Macho Man'?! If you want to submit a question or have something you want to hear us review, you can send us a tweet on the Twitter (@theFUDeration) or submit a question on our OSW Community page. Now if all that floats your boat, you can listen on the OSW Podcast Network and you can find the back catalog on iTunes and

The Wrestling Rewind Podcast

Three lads from Northern Ireland, Brett, Ronan and Thomas, rewind time and watch wrestling pay-per-views from the period of yesteryear. We put them under the harsh spotlight of modern day smark-ness and see how they hold up. Our current arc is that of the Ruthless Aggression Era, branching of to other eras of pro wrestling in the future. We not only review each show, but have our regular features of the Club Singer Round, Kayfabe or Nayfabe and Ronan's Trivia Question.

The Armbarcast

"Do you enjoy watching car crashes? No, not in the literal sense... sick bastard. In the metaphorical sense, of course! The Armbarcast is a wrestling review podcast hosted by your new best friend Stid, covering all that is sub-par in the world of pro wrestling!"

Chris Jericho with its 1004 holds.
Chris Jericho with its 1004 holds.

Wrestle Review

WrestleReview aims to provide fans with entertaining recaps of past WWF PPVs with your host, Nathan Packham and special guests.


The BODY SPAM PODCAST, on the OSW Network. It is a show that should not be heard, so it is hidden very deep underground. It lies in murky water, awaiting anyone to pick it up and shine the rock, inspect it, and throw it back into the grog.

We discuss lots of outrageous wrestling-related events in great detail, and do our best to try to unlock the secrets of the universe. We know it is lying just beneath the known.

We're not allowed to send out links, as we've been ordered to make people work for the content. But I have been told it helps to find a tall mountain, and shout across "BODY SPAM! BODY SPAM! BODY SPAM!" with increasing intensity. This may help you locate the audio.

The New Blood Rising Podcast

Our excuse is simply that we are openly masochistic ... There are many great podcasts that cover many great eras in professional wrestling. Honestly, I think we all borrow a little from the guys at the AE Podcast. But that's also a tremendous, revered era of professional wrestling. What if we went the other way? What if we went to WCW when it was supposed to get good again; right around October of 1999 when Vince Russo came on board to lead a revitalization of WCW. Well, we know what happened. WCW closed a year and a half later. And for good reason. It was really bad in so many ways. That's at least what most of us thought who weren't actually watching but eager to throw a punch line out about how bad WCW was. But the funny thing is, there's actually an interesting amount of brilliance buried underneath the obvious. That's the thrill we get out of watching this era of wrestling. That and endless bitter Bret Hart commentary.

Suplex City Limits

Suplex City Limits is a weekly uncensored podcast discussing classic and current professional wrestling news, events, and more! New episodes are posted every Sunday.


Do you like the WWF? What about WCW and ECW? How about the Invasion storyline from 2001? Well, if you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, you've stumbled across the right Podcast!! Welcome to the Official Community Page of the Invasion Podcast, where we go back to 2001 and review the train wreck known as the Invasion. With Gamebox, newLEGACYinc's Slip, and host Joey Pitt. We're a video podcast inspired by OSW Review and the Attitude Era Podcast. We rewatch every PPV and some pivotal episodes of RAW from 2001 to find out if the Invasion storyline deserves all the hate it was and is given, or if it was actually a lot better than people give it credit for.So come along with us for some laughs, wrestling, and crummy jokes as we look back at this glorious train wreck known as the Invasion!!


SuperBrawls is a podcast hosted by Thom and Chris who chronologically review NWA and WCW shows from 1983-2001.We started at Starrcade 1983 and are covering all the PPV's, Clash of the Champions along with any other specials we can find.Currently we are up to 1989, and plan to see out the 80's by our 1st birthday, we release shows every 2/3 weeks.Our social media is on @superbrawls on twitter, and search superbrawls on facebook. we post our rrs feeds on both plus on and of course you can find us on iTunes.

The LIVEWrestling Podcast:

From the guys that brought you like one good chant during RAW in all their years as wrestling fans comes LIVEWrestling Podcast! A WWE podcast that also manages to be a personal shrine for Derrick Bateman, a pulpit for the glorious wisdom of Mr. Kennedy, and a great source of entertainment for its thousands of fans and Roddy Piper (presumably).

Wrestle Book Review

Keith, also known as the Well Read Machine, is the host of the Wrestle Book Review podcast. There are a few wrestling books that get some press pre-release but fans of professional wrestling do not hear about many of the books out there until they go looking. The hope for the podcast is to let fans know about books that are coming down the pipe along with ones that have already been released. Therefore, he will be looking at both new releases and some classics that may have gone unnoticed over time. Keith is always open to receiving input from listeners and welcomes anyone who would like to discuss or debate a wrestling book. You can find more about the Wrestle Book Review by going to the podcast on the Pile Driver Wrestling website, his own blog at, or connect with him on twitter @wrestlebookrevu

DarkMatch Podcast

A ragtag band of rambling wrestling fans get together to review WWE pay-per-views, the occasional historic PPV, the even more occasional TNA episode (we did that every week for like three years and we still haven't recovered), and some other things while ripping on their topics of choice, each other, and Canada. Follow the show @DarkMatchPod and listen to us slowly lose our collective minds.


Hosted by friends Joe and James they preview and review all WWE pay per views, and talk about all the latest wrestling news. Normally going off on tangents, they take pride in dropping the most obscure references possible, ranging from Russian cinema to the Birmingham Six. The idea of the show is to give listeners the feeling of dropping in on a conversation between two friends, and the vibe that comes from that. If you want to follow the show you can on twitter at @BostonCrabPod where we often live tweet WWE shows. You can also send us questions there, and listen to us on Soundcloud ( or on the OSW Network (


The HIW podcast is a group of guys who sometimes talk about wrestling on a wrestling podcast!,All jokes aside, we cover Weekly Raws & WWE PPV live on Google hangouts.


Credit Stephen Rafferty
Credit Stephen Rafferty

The Wrestling is Wrestling podcast is a show where we talk about everything and anything about wrestling. If you are a fan of WWE,TNA, ECW, ROH, NJPW- wrestling in general then you are going to love the wrestling is wrestling podcast.The video clipped infused wrestling channel. We are on Youtube,Soundcloud and on the OSW Review Podcast Network.

To view any of these podcasts then check out the list of podcasts on here:

There you have it, this is everything you need to know about OSW Review and its podcast network. Its been a blast to tell you everything about this awesome show and its awesome podcast network.


What do you think of OSW Review?

Special Thanks to OSW Review for allowing me to do this and for using their pictures.

Quick Bio of Stephen Rafferty:

Stephen Rafferty is a entertainer, youtuber,stand up comedian, world record holder for the most straws in the hair at one time and author of the critically acclaimed comedy book Fifty Ridiculous Drawings and Funny Sayings In less Than Fifty Pages.To learn more about him then check out his youtube channel and social medias down below:

Personal Troupe on How I got into OSW Review:

I was listening to the Bryan and Vinny show ( a another wrestling podcast) and on my suggested page on YouTube it showed OSW Review- Royal Rumble 1991. By accident I clicked on the link. Originally, I hated it but then further watching the show it went from hatred to genuine enjoyment.


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