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No doubt, Daredevil offered us something unique and lasting to relish about. And as if the anticipation for season 2 wasn't already enough, we also get the Punisher, finally part of the MCU. Heck, just give me 13 episodes of Punisher and Daredevil going at it or even taking down petty criminals, I would totally be satisfied. However, that's not how it works and of course there are likely to be more villains to show up. Now, I do know that Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. Kingpin) is in prison, but that does not make him least bit dangerous. In the comics he has pulled the strings against Daredevil behind bars, and it is highly likely he will be doing the same in season 2. With that being said, I have compiled a list of 5 villains that I do believe should and possibly show up in the second season.

5. Stilt-Man

I bet you didn't catch this little Easter egg in Melvin Potter's shop. Stilt-Man is not a specific person actually, just a title to whomever yields the robotic suit. Not a common character, but he is certainly one of Daredevil's most persistent nemesis. In the comics, Stilt-Man is able to elongate the telescopic legs of his, which is convenient for heists and robberies. Given how silly his ability sounds, I believe they can level down his power keep him as not-giant as possible, yet still gritty and enduring. Now this little Easter egg could very well be a slight nod, but I believe the writers of Daredevil can use him to shine the spot-light on new characters.

4. Gladiator

Melvin Potter has been setup to become Gladiator already, all that needs to happen now is an incident that provokes Melvin to take upon the mantle as Gladiator. We know is a regular human, but he has superb strength and is an expert fighter as marked with his mini tussle with Daredevil. Now, what I am theorizing about him is that the family that he has Daredevil vowed to protect, is the reason why he becomes Gladiator. In other words, Daredevil does not deliver on protecting Melvin's family from Kingpin (or his men), which in turn leads to Melvin losing and boom, you have Gladiator.

3. Typhoid Mary

Aside from Elektra, Typhoid Mary is one of my favorite female heroines, even though there is nothing heroic about her of course. The reason I find her interesting is the fact that she has a multiple personality disorder that, in the comics, actually arises due to Daredevil accidently hitting her. She has been in a love and hate relationship with Matt Murdock, and it is never clear with her because her personalities range from timid, adventurous and lustful, and to sadistic and violent. The reason why she should be in the second season of Daredevil is because she is Kingpin's favorite pawn. And since he is in prison, what better way to execute his plan's than to employ someone like Typhoid Mary. Her powers are mostly minute level telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

2. The Hand - Elektra

We got a taste of the infamous Hand in the first season of Daredevil. We didn't get to see an army of the clan like in the comics, but the very mere existence of the clan suggests we shall see more. I believe we will see the Hand dominate the season with their plans to take over Hell's Kitchen and I believe because of this, we should very well see Elektra as a Hand member. In one flashback, Matt and Foggy were reminiscing on a "smoking hot Greek girl" that Matt went out with. This is actually an Easter egg to Elektra Nachios. Again these Easter eggs don't show up for just "comic-book moments" purposes, hence we should be very well seeing Elektra lead the Hand members in a confrontation against Hells Kitchen's very own, Daredevil.

1. Bullseye

It is disappointing that we did not get to see Jason Statham perform as Bullseye, he would've have been incredible. However, that does not mean Bullseye won't show up in the season 2. If not show up, he should at least be referenced because he is phenomenal villain next to Kingpin. His enduring battles and grudges with Daredevil prove him worthy to see on the big screen. We are all familiar with his talents, but one thing that intrigues me is whether he will have his vibrainium spinal bones when he stands toe to toes against Daredevil (my guess is probably not). The reason for his appearance in Hell's Kitchen could probably be the fact that he is hired to kill someone, since that is one thing he is good at of course. Anyways, it will be very interesting to see if Bullseye will appear in the second season and if he does, his relationship with Daredevil will be one worth noting.


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