Hello and this is my entry to the moviepilot team battle contest.This is entirely made up and is more then likely never going to come true.So without further a do lets get started!

The Incredibles has been superhero-ing for a long time and are ready to retire but the government wants to hold them for testing of their powers. The whole family refused.

The government is outraged and decided to send in the Fantastic Four to track them down and take them in.

During a massive fight Mr. Icredible throws the thing into the air and smashes into a news chopper.

As it begins to plummet to the ground the two teams save the pilot and realize what the government wants to do is wrong.When the government receives word of this they send out their plan B.....ULTRON!!

The government reprograms him and sends him to take out both teams.In an epic battle between the two teams and ultron's army the Fantastic Four make the ultimate sacrifice.They find out that the only way to destroy ultron is to blast him into the sun on a 4 man driven rocket.On the way to destroing ultron the Suns radiation fries out the powers of the fantastic four and sadly kills them. The Incredibles decide to not retire and try to be a superhero team that will live up to the standards of the F4.


Contest Entry,superheros


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