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E3 - the largest annual expo in gaming - is happening, like, right now! Perhaps you missed Sony's live press conference due to sleep or something, and you want to find out what you missed as a Playstation fan. Well here's your guide!

1. The Last Guardian was shown!

This long awaited, highly anticipated game was brought to the expo as the opening game for Sony. The crowd reacted well to this truly stunning adventure game from the makers of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. It's expected some time in 2016.

2. Hitman sequel shown

The beta will be on PlayStation first next year as this gorgeous game looks to push the visual limits of Agent 47. The trailer is stylish and great looking and no sub-title was shown, simply referred to as Hitman. Agent 47 also looked quite different in the trailer. Not much other information was revealed.

3. Little Big Planet's successor?

This year, Media Molecule did not show us a new Little Big Planet yet they still gave us mind boggling imagination that lets us bring our dreams to life and create them to share with the world. You can edit them and make them in any way you like. Scary, musical or even a sci-fi vibe. I look forward to see more of it!

4. Exclusive Content

A console needs to have exclusive content to lure shoppers to get the game on their console first. Quite evil but that's how it works today.. The likes of Destiny and Assassins Creed will be receiving bonuses on PS4. Enjoy fellow Sony people.

5. Exclusives

Street Fighter 5, Uncharted 4 and some nice indies that will keep you going on Sony's side of gaming.

6. AVirtual Reality

"Project Morpheus is here and evolving". The VR kit Playstation is looking pretty cool. Not much was shown but we do know there will be several games that will support the kit, including a 3v3 multi-player game.

7. Playstation View

Playstation will be releasing it's TV service that is really special because you only pay for the packages you want instead of a multi-bundle option. Also, PS+ users get a discounted price. It is not specified when this game will be released world-wide.

8. Black Ops 3 has Four-Player Co-Op

It boggles my mind to why COD ever took out Co-op in it's story mode and now they are have decided to bring it back. They showcased the 4-player Co-Op and it looked great. You choose you weapons before a mission and they work together to complete the objective. We saw some wall scaling and intense action in this busy gameplay trailer that will surely earn bucket loads of cash. This franchise doesn't look to be going anywhere. The multiplayer also looked great. It was fluid and flawless but then again that could be down to the skilled person playing..
Playstation get the BETA first and the Maps first which is new from it always being at Xbox.

I think it's safe to say Sony won E3 yet again. What do you guys think?


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