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Scenario: The scary animatronics that made us all pee our pants, have risen up once again and started terrorizing the city's local Chuck E Cheese. Even the greatest mechanics and puppeteers have proven to be no match for the atrocious arcade animals, consisting of Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. These animatronics will stop at nothing to reach the unsuspecting kids partying it up, and the corporate leaders have decided they need to eliminate this potential lawsuit once and for all...


DC's Suicide Squad

The rag tag group of government employed supervillians, have been tasked with the job of defeating these horrible monsters. They come ready with heavy weaponry and a government implanted chip that could finish them off at any given moment. This squad is willing to do anything to complete their mission in order to gain a reduction in their prison sentences. Tasked with eliminating all four of the animatronics, this will prove to be very difficult..

The Teletubbies

While the Suicide Squad deals with haywire animatronics, who is to deal with the kids in the other room? That is where the lovable Teletubbies come into play. These fun loving creatures can make any human smile, with their silly antics and colorful colors. But can these lovable aliens entertain the kids, and hold up their end of the deal? Or will Tinky Winky and friends screw things up for everybody?


After a long hard night, the dust had finally cleared. The popular Teletubbies proved they were up for the challenge, as they danced and giggled their way to to success. The Suicide Squad, however, proved to have a difficult task. Although they fought bravely, they were outmatched by Freddy and his gang in their natural habitat. In realization of their fellow teams failure, the Teletubbies headed into the back room and proceeded to bust some animatronic butt. With Freddy Fazzbear finally defeated at the hand of the mighty Laa Laa, peace and prosperity had finally arrived.


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