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Here we are again, another fan cast for you eager readers to enjoy/hate. This is the part of the post where I usually explain why I did a fan cast of this movie and set everything up, but the truth is I was just bored, and one of the people on this site mentioned doing an Age of Ultron fan cast for a contest, but never posted it. So up front I'm going to say this wasn't my idea, but all the casting choices are. Yeah, I think that's enough of that, let's get on with it.

Captain America-Chris Pine

I'm pretty sure Pine is everybody's second choice for Captain America. He's clean cut, he has the acting and action skills, and he looks just like Steve Rogers.

Iron Man-Johnny Depp

I had to think long and hard about this one, because no one can truly do it better than RDJ. With that being said, Depp has the sarcasm, the goatee, and the skills needed to pull off Iron Man. Enough said.

Thor-Liam Hemsworth

This one might be cheating, but who could play Thor better than Thor's little brother? He obviously has the look and body shape, and he has the acting skills too. The only thing about Liam that isn't Thor like is his hair, but that's why Hollywood has wigs.

Hulk-Jason Clarke

If you're like me, then this guy just came out of nowhere onto the movie scene. Since he did however, I've thought he would make a good Hulk. He looks like Mark Ruffalo, and he has a calm yet menacing demeanor. While in my eyes no one will be as good as Edward Norton, I think Clarke can come the closest.

Black Widow-Emily Blunt

I cast Emily Blunt as Black Widow, because it could have happened. Blunt was offered first grab on Black Widow and Peggy Carter, and took it with a grain of salt. So imagining a world where Blunt is Black Widow is not only possible, but believable. And who better than Blunt? Obviously no one is better than ScarJo, so let's give her a shot.

Hawkeye-Matt Damon

Kind of ironic I'm replacing Jason Bourne with Jason Bourne huh? The only thing I don't like about Renner's Hawkeye is that he's supposed to be blonde. I know it sounds stupid, but it's been a pet peeve of mine since the first Avengers. Matt Damon is not only blonde and also Jason Bourne, but he has the acting skills to pull off nearly anything, so why not Hawkeye?

Quicksilver-Jake Gyllenhaal

I'm going to say right now, I don't like Jake all that much. He's a good actor and all that jazz, but everybody that's a fan of him thinks he's suited for any superhero. Well, he's really not, the only superhero I can picture him as is Quicksilver. While both Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Even Peters do an amazing job, I feel that this job was best suited for our man Jake.

Scarlet Witch-Summer Glau

While Summer Glau has been in so much stuff it's kind of unreal, she really hasn't done much in terms of movies since Serenity, and we all remember how long ago that was. With the dream killer himself Joss Whedon directing the Avengers movies, I thought for sure he was going to give Summer a foot in for a role, but I was wrong. Anyway, she would be really good for the role, and she hasn't played Jake Gyllenhaal's wife before, so there wouldn't be any weird sexual tension between her and Quicksilver. Or maybe I was imagining that...

The Vision-Matthew Goode

Remember this guy from Watchmen? While Paul Bettany is the ideal Vision, Goode could give a Good performance! See what I did there? Ah, puns. But seriously, he wouldn't be that bad.

Ultron-Liam Neeson

Come on, no one can strike fear into your heart with a single word like Liam Neeson. While David Spader does an amazing job as the cynical and killer A.I. mistake, Liam Neeson could give him a run for his money.

What did you think? Is there an actor you think could play one of these roles better? Let me know in the comments!


Which casting choice was the best?


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