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look I know what everyone is thinking black eyed children existing please, she got it from a book or some thing. no I didnt. I was born and raised in Florida and had just recently moved to Ohio were I met my husband. when I met him I was 18 and already 3 months pregnant. my pregnancy was a very difficult one. always sick always in pain in and out of hospitals till November 13th 2012 when I finally gave birth to my healthy baby girl. but it wasn't that simple see I wouldn't diolate and she got stuck in my pelvis my blood pressure dropped to 0 last thing I heard was get her in stat. next thing I knew I was wakeing up confused in a daze not knowing were anyone was at when doctors came in they finally told me I had flat lined they had to do an emergency csection, they revived me but I had lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion and they needed a doner who was O+. I was fine with that everything I thought was ok my baby girl was healthy I was alive and my husband and friends were with me but some thing happened some thing I'll never forget some thing that still haunts me 3yrs later and that is the black eyed little girl...right after my blood transfusion Nov. 14th 2012 my husband went to run me some bath water. when I turned around to undress I seen her standing there staring at me pitch black eyes white gown to her feet and blond hair down past her sholder, she was no older then 8 or 9yrs old she was so beautiful if not for the eyes I'd say she was an angel but something about her as soon as I looked at her made me scream and mess myself. nurses ran in husband turned around but nobody saw her she was gone just vanished into thin air everyone swore it was due to the meds. I have seen her at least 5times sense then always when I'm weak and sick. what she wants I don't know and sense then I have been looking up black eyed children but haven't any answers to who or what she may be I do know in my heart soul and body she is nothing good. I have read the articles about these things but every ones stories talk about the children crying asking for help or trying to get into your home mine is different she hasn't spoken not once and as of trying to get in she had no need to she helped herself. I haven't seen her sense I got blessed by 3 pastors and a priest and have had my home blessed as well and I hope I never encounter her again. but if anyone has any true knolage on this ghost demond what ever you want to call her please let me know my name is kaley my email [email protected] thank you


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