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So I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and love the cast we have now! But before they had casted the film like way back in 2010 when I had read the book series in my head this is the cast I was imagining.

Nicole Anderson as Katniss Everdeen because as Katniss is described she is petite, brunette, olive skin toned, and has colored eyes.

Avan Jogia as Gale Hawthorne because of his height, dark hair, and olive skin tone.

Lucas Till as Peeta Mellark, I mean look at that smile.

Naveen Andrews as Haymitch Abernathy considering he was described as having curly hair and he's from District 12 I expected him to be dark.

Yaya Dacosta as Johanna Mason they never really gave much detail as to what Johanna looks like besides that she has a bob so I figured why I not the beautiful Yaya.

And Zac Efron as Finnick Odair because when they described a handsome sea god that makes the women swoon he was the only image that came to mind.

But other than these characters everyone pretty much looks like what I imagined as I read the book. Given that I was around 13 when I chose this cast, could be the reason why almost everyone I chose came from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.


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