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Pretty much a fan of all but if you come at me with horror I have a salt shaker and an iron rod and I'm not afraid to use them :D
Andrea Marie Cini

The Kree have returned to Earth. After Ronin's attack on the Nova Empire, the latter no longer believe their peace treaty was worth the effort. War is coming and Earth is just the place to create the Kree's army of genetically modified soldiers (Inhumans).

The Disaster

People are going missing all around the world. At first no one noticed however that all changed when a whole island vanished. The Earth is in chaos. Fearing that the Kree will continue their experiments until they create an unstoppable Inhuman army, the Nova Empire has warned the Earthlings that, if they allowed the Kree to continue the propagation of Inhumans, they will take it as an act of war against them.

Black Widow

The newly reforming SHIELD has had some dealings with Inhumans in the past and know they are not to be taken lightly, but a declaration of interplanetary war cannot be ignored either. With SHIELD still in shambles they sent their best agent- Natasha Romanoff A.K.A Black Widow- to deal with it. She has a wide skill set- infiltration, sabotage and survival- just to mention a few. She is just the man *cough* woman the world needs to get the Kree out of its solar system.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader isn't doing this to save the Earth, he could care less about what could happen to this pitiful planet. However, this army the Kree are creating will grow to be a nuisance to him some day, maybe even attempt to oppose the Sith. It must be terminated before that can happen. The Force is strong in Darth Vader and he is highly skilled with a Lightsaber- the Kree's fleet will fall by his hand.

The Survivor

Having made an unlikely alliance, Black Widow and Darth Vader fight their way to the very core of the Kree mother-ship. The Kree soldiers were no match for their united strength however, the Inhumans were more troublesome. Having been cornered right above the ship's energy supply- a nuclear reactor- Black Widow put up a valiant battle but found herself dangling over the power source, Darth Vader looming over her.

"Black Widow!"


"I am your father!"

"Was that necessary?"


He crushes her fingers under his boot, causing her to loose her grip and fall into the abyss below. The Kree will be destroyed and if the Earth has such skilled warriors like Black Widow the Sith will want to know about this planet. However, using Black Widow's Bite (a grappling hook) she swings back onto the platform kicking Darth Vader and a couple of Inhumans over the edge. There was no rescuing them. A negative reaction begins between the Force within Darth Vader and the nuclear reactor, triggering an explosion. Black Widow narrowly escapes, the Earth is saved and an interplanetary war has been evaded. Black Widow has plenty of red on her ledger but she doesn't really mind adding Darth Vader's to the mix.


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