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This Article contains major spoilers for Avengers Age Of Ultron , please proceed with caution if you didn't watch the film yet !


Quick Bio : Vibranium is a fictional metal , it is the strongest metal on earth , it appeared in Marvel's Comics , and it is known that Captain America's shield is made with this element that could be found in Wakanda (fictional country )

2-How Marvel gave us the combination for this element's destruction :

We didn't see cap's shield being destroyed but we saw a way to destroy Vibranium !

When the final battle begun in Avengers Age Of Ultron , Tony Stark went to the church and saw ultron he scanned his body and said :"Oh ... A Vibranium juice cocktail ? " or something like that ... So which means that ultron's body is made of Vibranium and other substances (metal)

That scene precisely ...
That scene precisely ...

Now , let's go to the important part !

As we saw in the end of Age Of Ultron , Vision , Iron Man and Thor half-destroyed ultron's body , ultron's Vibranium cocktail body ! It needs 3 things :

I-Mind Gem

The Mind gem is one of 6 infinity stones that is found on vision's forehead for the time being ! previous location : Loki's scepter

II-Iron Man Repulsers


We all know what are Iron Man's Repulsers ! But I've noticed some color changing in them when Tony used the Mark 45 ! They were orange ! They might have new advanced powers!

III- Thor's Hammer's Lightning (Mjolnir)


We all know what is Thor's hammer , you should be worthy to hold it ...and he can control lightning ! it makes Thor a Mighty God

These 3 elements could destroy Vibranium :

Sorry... can't get HD pics from Age Of Ultron
Sorry... can't get HD pics from Age Of Ultron

Results :

Sorry... can't get HD pics from Age Of Ultron
Sorry... can't get HD pics from Age Of Ultron

I'll give this formula :

REPULSERS + Mind Gem + Lightning= Cracked Vibranium
REPULSERS + Mind Gem + Lightning= Cracked Vibranium

Repulsers+Mind Gem+Lightning=Cracked Vibranium

That is how we Destroy the strongest metal on earth ! This combination will Crack Cap's shield not destroy it ! for one reason : Ultron's body wasn't fully made with the metal ! Cap's shield is fully made with it !

Hope you loved this article !

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So what do you think of this Theory or this conclusion ?


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