ByLaurie Strode, writer at

I read in another article that with Dragon Ball Super which is the true sequel to the Dragon Ball Franchise and will take place after the Majin Buu saga.

When I read this and it says what about Dragon Ball GT or is just part of a alternate universe and has nothing to do with the aftermath of what happen in Dragon Ball Z.

Here we go again people using the Alternate universe excuses to cover stuff up just like in movies, comic books, video games now in animation too.

Personally I like Dragon Ball GT and yes there been episodes where is more talking and comedy BUT what about the moments in the show like the cool villians and the return of Number 17 which is still one of my favorite villians.

Come on now Super Saiyan 4 moments plus the relationship of how Vegeta reacts to Goku as he gets one up on his fighting skills as always.

I'm not going to forget that it never happen especially I like it and the way the show ended I felt like it was on a good note.

But either way I'm still excited for another new dragon ball series and it was a long time coming as this franchise have the biggest fan base from old to young to old school and new school fans of animation around the world.

Let's see where this new series take us and I hope we get more original villians, new powers for our heroes and even new characters and good action and story also.


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