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Movies are such a big and integral part of our lives. We have our favorites, we have our not so favorites, but all in all movies have shaped our lives for years and we will never forget those first moments that we fell in love with a certain franchise or one big movie!

It's hard to believe that over 20 year ago, the very first Jurassic Park movie, took Hollywood by storm and people of all ages went Dino-Crazy! Well, the craze is back and to this movie buffs surprise, it has movies and broken records that I am astonished that it did. It knocked Marvel's The Avengers out of the top spot of opening weekends with an astounding $208,806,270. I was very shocked that it actually did that well. But this year we are seeing many old franchises return to the big screen with new flavor and new life. Jurassic World has taken the box office by storm. Chris Pratt, I believe had much to do with it. With his success in Guardians Of The Galaxy, many flocked to see "Star Lord" play with Dinosaurs! I try to be spoiler free this close to a movie opening, so if you have not seen it, you may not want to read ahead ***SPOILER ALERT***

The park has changed and grown into a huge "Dinosaur" Theme Park. Complete with shops...restaurants and yes of course Dinosaurs. Instead of John Hammond running the park this time, we have a female lead by Bryce Dallas Howard. It's Jurassic Park flavor beefed up a few notches. BIG Dinosaurs...big park...big action scenes...big snacks on people and at the end, destruction and everybody leaving the island making you wonder what could they possibly do now?

I had seen online somewhere, months before it opened, a pic of the Barbasol can from the first film. I thought YES! They are gonna address it, or find it or do something with it. Cause it always bothered me, they never found it or used it again. It was an integral part of the first film, and then it just went away? Then Jurassic World did not bring it to the table. So I was disappointed about that. BUT, overall the film delivered...and delivered well. The new genetically built dinosaur brought a definite twist to the story, as well what they were doing in the lab. I thought it was quite unique that Chris Pratt's character was actually training Raptors and teaching them tricks and cues and clicks. To this comic nerds surprise, my Avengers have had to take a back seat to Dinosaurs and Star Lord. Oh well...December is not here yet. And we all know what that brings....a story and film franchise from a galaxy far, far away.

That's my side of it! Until next time, have fun at the movies!


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