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So by now I am sure that many of you have seen the long anticipated Jurassic World. I am sure that many of you have been fans of the Jurassic Park saga since it's original movie debut back in 1993. Or perhaps you have been a fan even longer than that. When Michael Crichton first publish Jurassic Park in 1990. Either way, Jurassic World has finally came. And what did you think of this revived trilogy turned into a tetrology? Did it live up to the Jurassic Park name and reputation? Or do you feel this was a disgrace or mockery to the original trilogy?

Well here's my take on the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park. And keep in mind if you haven't seen the movie yet, this article is full of spoilers.

I have been a fan of Jurassic Park since 1993 when I, for the first time in my life, got to enjoy the utterly inconvience of drive-in movies! My Uncle took me to see Encino Man with Paulie Shore and Brendan Fraiser. And much to my enjoyment and displeasure Jurassic Park was also playing on one of the other screens. Needless to say y Uncle felt that I was a bit to impresionable to be able to handle Jurassic Park, so alas I was unable to watch it. Though I did of course take a sneak peak whenever I could!

I was determined to watch Jurassic Park and I was determined to convince my Uncle to let me no matter the cost. And I finally won that battle! When Jurassic Park hit VHS my Uncle got me a copy and I was finally able to enjoy it in it's entirety!

One of the great things that Jurassic Park had going for it was the explination of the science behind creating a Dinosaur. It didn't matter that it was highly impossible and that it truly did not make any sense at all. It was simply the way that it was explained to us through the screen that enthralled me. Made me believe that it was completely possible to recreate the Dinosuars. And even in the second Jurassic Park movie, while not the major focus of the plot, there was still a bit of science and creation in it. Think of it as more the side quest! :P

Now really Jurassic World lacks this in it's plot line. Of course we hear a little bit about how Indominus Rex came to be, though it's fully genetic make-up isn't revealed until much later in the movie. But all in all the topic of how they recreated the Dinosaurs is not really touched in this movie. I find that to actually be a bit of a relief. As I have grown up and been through school and college and the many, many required Science and Biology courses, having to hear one more time about how they recreated the DNA sequence of a Dinosaurs would have I think annoyed me more than enthralled me. It would have felt similar to my parents to this day trying to convince me that Santa is real. However, what they do to fill in that plot line instead, is the many, many referances to John Hammond and the original Jurassic Park. That was an excellent touch in my personal opinon. A fantastic little touch to get viewers to understand that this is all in some way conneted. That we don't need to rehash the creation process because that was already perfected when Hammond was still around. All they needed to do was connect the dots between the events that originally unfolded to the events that are currently unfolding. So for me that was the perfect way to start the new movie.

Jurassic World was very story driven. Which made it kind of a face paced movie. And it's main focus was on the Velociraptor and Indominus Rex, which is very different from Jurassic Park, as the focus of that was all the animals. At least to begin with because the T-rex quickly became the main focus of Jurassic Park. While the Velociraptor was the main focus of both Jurassic Park 2 and Jurassic Park 3. So really the kept very well to the originals by focusing on only two main Dinosaurs.

Now granted there are a lot of great things in this movie, this posting has gone on long enough, so I will end it with my two biggest disappointments of Jurassic World.

1. Henry Wu. Now if any of you read the books as I did, we all know that Wu dies during the catastrophy that befalls Jurassic Park, but as we all know Hollywood likes to alter the important parts of books when they make them into movies, so low and behold, Henry Wu is the mastermind behind the creation of Jurassic World. Needless to say I was neither surprised nor upset by his inital apperance in the movie. But what did upset me, greatly I might add, is his betrayal. This bothers me simply because he had the same vision as Hammond did. He created something that no one has ever been able to achieve. And when you really think about it, he created the impossible! And in Jurassic World they had a completely sustainable park. A park in which he was able to be recognized as the genius he is.

My other issue with Wu is the fact that apparently he didn't learn from the mistakes of Jurassic Park, in which Nedry tried to steal empryo's to give to InGen, which lead to the Dinsoaurs being able to free themselves from their paddocks and go on a rampage. So why Wu thought this would be any different, especially where Velociraptors are concerned, is beyond me. Either way the treachery of Henry Wu is unforgivable.

2. The death on Indominus Rex. The way they killed him off in the end was so lame and lackluster. Granted he proved to be to tough for T-rex alone. And the Velociraptors couldn't take him down either. But when the T-rex and Blue (the Beta Velociraptor) took on Indominus together they had him hurting. And they could have beaten him too! However having the Mosasaurus come out of nowhere and swallow Indominus Rex just did not sit well with me at all. Especially if you listen closely to all that is said in the beginning of the movie, especially about Mosasaurus. And being into Dinosaurs like I am and after some the research I have done on my own, that seems very out of chracter for the Mosasaurus, and seemed to me like a quick and easy way to end the movie to save on time and money.

Well this is all I have to say for now on the subject. Over all it was a fantastic movie and I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD/Blu-Ray because it is definitly a movie I want sitting in my collection. Feel free to give me your feedback, let me know what you thought of the movie. What you may or may not have liked, and so on! Happy Hunting my fellow movie watchers!


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