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Alright guys. I know Part 2 was extremely long, and got boring at some points. Even though a lot of you are like me, and enjoy intricate details that dive deep into the characters and their origins, I figured I could at least tone it down a bit. So now, in part 3, there will be less origin, and more of why these folks are some of My Favorite Marvel Characters of All Time.


Sam Wilson grew up in a rough Harlem neighborhood, where his father died trying to stop a fight. Just two years after his fathers passing, Wilson 's mother was killed by a mugger. Consumed with anger and grief, the then future hero went by the name 'Snap' Wilson, becoming a racketeer while working for the mob. When he was on an assignment, Sam's plane crashed on a remote Caribbean island; the same island that was inhabited by the Red Skull and his henchmen. It was also inhabited by Captain America, who was searching for the Skull.

The skull figured Wilson's idealism appealed to Cap enough, that they would eventually fight side by side. Then, the villain could at a later date, use Wilson against Captain America. The Red Skull used a Cosmic Cube to revert 'Snap' into Sam and give Sam the ability to telepathically communicate with birds; especially a bird that Wilson had bought, named RedWing. Sam helped defeat the Skull, and began fighting alongside Cap as The Falcon.

Falcon later returned to Harlem, where he worked as a social worker to protect his city out of costume, while fighting crime in costume. Not only does he have some sick threads, but Wilson also has a top shelf personality. He's got Cap's back (Wilson once took up the mantle of Captain America when he was presumed dead) and their bond seems to be underrated. I like these two teamed up better than Cap and Iron Man. Before he could fly, Falcon was just swinging on the rooftops, until given Wakandan technology from the Black Panther, which actually enabled him to fly. Falcon is a skilled martial artist and acrobat, has an empathic link with his bird RedWing (while having limited control over birds), and can see through the eyes of nearby birds. Wilson really see's everything from a birds eye view, huh? Alright... moving on.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, daughter of Magneto, twin sister of Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and paternal half-sister of Polaris, is a mutant who has the ability to alter reality itself. Wanda's mother Magda escaped from Magnus (Magneto), while pregnant and took refuge in a sanctuary that was the base of the High Revolutionary, and gave birth to her.. dare i say.. wonder twins? The Elder God Chthon altered Wanda at birth, giving her the ability to use magic in addition to her mutant abilities, planning to use her as a vessel after her powers had matured. (They say the Witch would have been able to manipulate energy, or simply cause bad luck, if it wasn't for Cnthon's meddling. But he did her, and the rest of the world a favor) Fearing that Magnus would find out about the children, Magda left the sanctuary and died form exposure to the elements.

After accidentally taking a life when using her powers to protect herself, Wanda and her brother Pietro were forced to flee a mob, until they were saved by Magneto. Magneto then recruited them into The Evil Brotherhood of Mutants, where they fought against the X-Men; until they realized they were fighting the wrong fight, and began to use their powers for good. Wanda was able to generate armies from nowhere, she even revived Wonder Man from another plane of existence. Scarlet Witch has also altered the entire Earth-616 reality at will, and forevermore shifted the nature of all possible futures without realizing what she had done. That makes her a hero to be taken seriously. I also loved her relationship with The Vision.

Why are the driving instead of flying..?
Why are the driving instead of flying..?

It was nice to see her fall in love with a being who wasn't like everyone else. I don't know, it just felt good to see The Vision get a win like that. I just felt like he deserved that kind of love, and Wanda was the one to give it to him. Their relationship drew me closer to them. Guess I'm just a softie.


Rhomann Dey, the last surviving member of the planet Xandar's elite Nova Corps, was dying. He selected Richard Rider, a high school student from New York. Rider was given the the suit and powers of a Nova Centurion, but little instruction on how to use them. Calling himself Nova, Rider becomes a superhero.. no, an intergalactic peacekeeper, fighting costumed villains, and occasionally teaming up with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I had a book as a kid that was pretty much a Spider-Man version of "I Spy" and it contained lots of Marvel Characters, including Nova. That was the first time I was introduced to the hero, and i thought he looked so cool, leaving a trail of light behind him as he zipped through the atmosphere.

Nova is capable of flight (duh, right?) is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, has superhuman strength, speed, and durability, and is currently in possession of the Xandarian Worldmind which allows him nearly infinite control over the Nova force, granting energy projection and absorption; sounds pretty flappin' cool doesn't it? Hey, I sure think so. He can also create worm holes. *bloop* he's gone. *bloop* now he's back, about to punch you in the head while traveling at the speed of light.

Black Bolt

Yeeeeaaahhhh. All it took for this Inhuman to win me over, was for me to read about who we was in my Marvel Encyclopedia, years back. He is the leader of an isolated race of genetically altered super humans, called The Inhumans. (I totally forgot they were coming to the big screen. I also forgot how loud the train is when its past 3am... but that's irrelevant)

Black Bolt's signature power is his voice; simply by speaking, he could trigger a massive shockwave that could level a city. Because of this, he has undergone rigorous training to ensure that he doesn't utter a sound, even in his sleep. He just communicates through sign language, or through a spokesperson. The guy can't even whisper, because he'll end up killing you and everyone else in the city. But that's alright, his appearance does all of the talking.

Other than his destructive hypersonic voice, Black Bolt's abilities include your typical superhuman physical attributes, flight, and molecular manipulation. The antenna on his head is used to control his powers, as well as channel them inward to increase his strength and speed, and can focus the available energy through his arms to deliver concussive blasts. He can even channel all available energy into one heck of a punch, called his Master Blow. Let me say it again, guy can't even talk because he can level a city just by uttering a single sound. At full strength, his voice could destroy an entire planet. Let that one sink in.

Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor's father Leonard McKenzie was an American seaman who ran into the daughter of an Atlantean Emperor during an expedition. McKenzie quickly fell in love with the blue skinned princess, resulting in the two tying the knot. Awhile after, Namor was born as the first hybrid offspring of Homo sapiens and Homo merman's. Just like another Atlantean we know from another universe, Namor grew up with a short fuse, and a hostile attitude towards surface dwellers, whom he blamed for the near destruction of Atlantis. & humans just throw so much crap into the ocean, so I don't blame the guy for being a little pissed.

Namor has super strength, flight, limited invulnerability, and can breathe water and air with equal facility. I began to like him simply because he doesn't care about authority, and he sort of goes his own way. Like the Batman of the sea (not really) & he fought alongside Cap and the wartime Invaders during WWII and I LOVED those comics. I wonder if I still have them... But anyways, Namor has brought untold destruction to New York simply because he felt like launching an attack against humanity. I'm telling you guys, it was because of the oil spills and all of that litter.

Rocket Raccoon

First time I heard of this little guy, I didn't want anything to do with him. I didn't care what he could do. But when Guardians of the Galaxy came out, I thought "Okay, maybe he's not so bad" because matter fact, he's awesome and is now one of my favorite Marvel characters.

Rocky here is the Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant, an area of outer space set apart from the rest of the cosmos, by the Galacian Wall. He's captain of the starship Rack 'N Ruin and he and his partner in crime Wal Rus (who is a talking Walrus LOL) hail from the planet Halfworld, which is an abandoned colony for the mentally ill where the animals were genetically manipulated to grant them human level intelligence and bipedal body construction to become caretakers for the mentally ill inmates. Rocket and his friends cured the inmates of their insanity, and left the planet with the rest of the animals.

Rocket has a genius level intellect, he's an expert marksman, a master tactician and commander, and a skilled starship aviator. & i almost forgot, his sharp claws allow him to scale walls, and his pal Groot with ease (: My favorite thing about Rocket is his recklessness and undying love for weapons.

Man, i can't wait to see him and the rest of the gang back in action.


Vision is the creation of the villainous robot Ultron, who created this "synthezoid" to use against his own creator, Hank Pym and his wife Janet van Dyne who were apart of the Avengers. The synthezoid was sent by Ultron to lead The Avengers into a trap. Luckily for the good guys, The Avengers convinced Vision to turn against his creator. After Vision unearthed how Ultron created him by using the brain patterns of the then deceased Avenger, Wonder Man, he then became a member of the team.

This androids abilities range from superhuman strength, intelligence, speed, agility and durability, to flight and mass manipulation, regeneration, density control, shapeshifting, intangibility (able to pass through physical matter) technopathy (electronic manipulation) and solar energy projection. Phew. *wipes brow*

Vision immediately became one of my favorites when I came across an issue of The Avengers featuring the android. One of the main things that drew me to him other than his amazing abilities, was that he was different from everyone else; just like I was at one point.

But seriously, he is such a relatable and admirable character. Beyond understanding, and beyond intelligent, Vision will always be one of my favorites.


Wilson Fisk grew up as a poor kid in New York City. In school, he was always bulied by his classmates because of his weight; so he began to train himself in physical combat. With his new found strength, Fisk (love that name) intimidated his bullies into joining his gang. The future crime lord was eventually discovered by the then crime lord Don Rigaletto. Fisk became his bodyguard and right hand man, until he killed Rigaletto, taking control of his criminal empire. The Kingpin grew to become one of the most powerful men in New York's underworld.

One thing you've got to respect, is that the Kingpin is a criminal mastermind. He's always thinking ahead; way ahead. That keeps him one step if not a few steps, ahead of his enemies, and any allies that dare cross the cold blooded crime lord. & if you want to throw fisty cuffs with the mad man, I'd think twice. He's a highly proficient hand-to-hand combatant and has more than enough strength. ( but not enough for Spider-Man (; ) The Kingpin has been to known to fight characters such as The Punisher, Daredevil, and Spider-Man... and he didn't make it easy for em! Well.. except for that one time....

& just incase you were wondering why Peter said "Balloon. Needle."


Now before we go, let's take a look some..

Honorable Mentions


I was always happy to see him pop up in my Spider-Man comics. It's a classic matchup.

Rogue, Storm, & Jean

Pretty Much The Rest of The X-Men

Hawkeye & Quicksilver

Just act like his hair is white.. okay..?
Just act like his hair is white.. okay..?

The Human Torch

You sure you don't wanna change that catchphrase Johnny?

Ghost Rider

Spirit of vengeance
Spirit of vengeance

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

Oh boy, I could go on all day! But I won't. This concludes My Favorite Marvel Characters of All Time PART 3. Hope you enjoyed it (: Please do share your thoughts and your favorites in the comments below! & thanks for reading folks ((:


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