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Even though [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) is Phil's thing, and I do enjoy him on the show, there's still been a mystery as to why he was never reintroduced to the Avengers. For gods sake they still think that he is dead.


Anyway, Agents of Shield has always corresponded with the movies. They cleaned up Thor's mess in London, and the whole Hydra revolt hit them pretty hard. It was a main storyline for quite a while. Don't forget Ryna also predicted Ultron's attack and the mass destruction that it would cause.

I'm sure that the events of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) will be reflected in Agents of Shield, but what if Marvel executives can take it one step further and have Phil and most probably his team be included in Civil War.

Remember Stark has his government ally in General Thunderbolt. He has ample support government-wise.

Now you may be wondering at this point in the article how exactly Phil would be included. I have two theories. I do believe that the second one is more probable.

Are you ready? Alright let's go.

Theory 1

I do believe that Maria Hill could invite Phil to the party.

Maria knows Phil is alive, and I do believe that in Civil War she will side with Cap. She knows Stark has recruited the general so she would feel that maybe the Avengers should finally find out what happened to Phil Coulsoun.

Okay stay with us, here comes theory number 2.

Ready? Okay!

Theory 2

I believe that Cap could recruit Phil. I believe that Cap and his comrades will lose the first fight to Stark, either directly or indirectly, because of the general. Red Hulk anyone?

So Cap feels the need to get some serious firepower on his side in the form of... The REAL Shield (Yes, that is what they call themselves) led by none other than Phil Coulsin.

Anyway, I do believe that when Captain America and Stark go at it there will be a lot of different reasons why people are fighting. And I believe that Phil is a perfect way to represent that. Also, how awesome would it be to have Phil back?

This could also set off the General on Agents of Shield since after Civil War he would need something to do, and I personally think his talents should not be wasted, so why not have a major arc with him on Agents of Shield?

So what what do you think, should we bring Phil back?

In agreement? Boom.


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