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Jurassic World has to have been the quietest record-breaking blockbuster in recent memory. That isn't to say that the movie itself is quiet; it is in fact very very loud. It just doesn't have the same furor surrounding it that other groundbreaking works in Hollywood did. The initial shock that The Avengers was actually good complemented its returns, but Jurassic World? People went to see Jurassic World because... well is Jurassic Park; why wouldn't you go see it?

So the raking in of so much cash inevitably means sequels. With Jurassic World ending with roughly the same finality as the very first movie, does that mean we're in for a strew of movies that awkwardly try to capture the magic without the elegance of the premise? Perhaps not. Here are just a few possibilities of what we could see in Jurassic World 2!

Send Chris Pratt back to the Island

He won't mind!
He won't mind!

So what do you do when you have to follow up your recreation of a money-printing eternal behemoth? Why you recreate its disappointing sequels, of course! Speaking as someone who actually quite likes The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the modern mass audience is very much in a "fool me twice, shame of me" state of mind, and any effort made with Jurassic World 2 should keep that in mind. Jurassic World itself was a response to that notion, and any attempt at a story where a begrudging Chris Pratt is convinced to return to Isla Nubla to fetch Mcguffin X would feel like a regression.

Jurassic Park on tour

Yes we're drawing upon ideas from The Lost World again, but what else are you gonna steal from? Jurassic Park 3? You crazy? For Jurassic World 2, Universal could continue the recent hook of "what if the cool ideas from older movies actually happened?" and the premise of a touring park of dinosaurs would provide many new settings where prehistoric havoc can be wreaked. If anyone thinks that idea is stupid, unsafe and irresponsible, exactly. Shut up, you'll jinx it! The premise of dinosaurs brought to civilization opens another possibility...

Dinosaur invasion

Dammit, The Lost World, stop being an almost great movie that Jurassic World 2 will inevitably base itself on! Everyone knows that, while being completely unnecessary, the scene where the T-rex tears up San Diego is the best in the film. What if the entirety of Jurassic World 2 took that angle, and resulted in an established civilized territory having to secede to dinosaurs? Screw a world where dinosaur theme parks are commonplace. I want a world where it's accepted that dinosaurs now own Portugal! It could also potentially be called Jurassic Planet, and if you don't already want to see that based on the title alone, you're lying to yourself!

Human-Dinosaur hybrids?


The concept art for Jurassic World that proposed the idea of spliced human/dinosaur monsters is as horrific as it is brilliant. It would work in any series other than Jurassic Park, where the creatures, while still being a threat, are seen as having a natural dignity rather than being abominations. Jurassic World did it's utmost to draw the series away from that sentiment, with Vincent D'Onofrio's character proposing weaponized, genetically modified dinosaurs. The series is now in a state of "yeah why not?", and in my opinion, it should go big or go home with Jurassic World 2. Give us giant upright standing scaly monsters who, knowing Hollywood, will probably be played by Andy Serkis!

What else are you hoping for in the all but inevitable Jurassic World 2? Should the series aim for ridiculous heights, or continue to recapture the magic of 1993? Write your own post about it here on MoviePilot, or leave a comment below!


What would you like to see in Jurassic World 2?


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