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Last week, the claws came out on an island near Costa Rica. Someone told us to run. But straight to theater to see Jurassic World. As such, here's what Moviepilot Creators had to say about the film:

A Dangerous 7.8. Unlike Jurassic World's genetic engineers, James Porter carefully considers the pros and cons of prehistoric entertainment in this stellar review.

Raptor Sharp. So, just how deadly are velociraptors? Fergus Coyle presents a mini-archaeological study on the species, from speed to hunting habits.

Twisted Science. The Indominus Rex is a genetic hybrid of fantasy. But Ly Velez shows us a few biological blunders that are bred in real life.

The Building Blocks of Life. LEGO: Jurassic world is a real video game. And its trailer is all too cute. Thanks Gamertag Gaming for the tip!

Scaled to Fit. Eddie Sheehy's quiz helps us get in touch with the little dinosaur inside. See what species your personality matches up with.

Big, Bad... Box Office. The count is in. Jurassic World's opening weekend pulled in half a billion. How far do you think it'll go? (Olivia van der Will)


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