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What kind of scares are we in for with American Horror Story: Hotel? A supernatural threat? Deranged killers or something altogether more sinister? What can we expect will be terrorizing Lady Gaga come October?

American Horror Story is a show that runs the gambit of classic horror monstrosities as casually as I pick out cereal at the grocery store. It seems the show can casually stride through ghosts, deranged killers and even aliens, all in one episode! Throughout its four established seasons, American Horror Story has seen a fair share of fiends and foes and ghouls and gore. Upon the heavily guarded release of American Horror Story: Hotel, fans are wondering what will pose a threat to the next unlucky line up of characters. Let's take a look at a few possibilities for Season 5, shall we?


Over the years, American Horror Story has mastered its use of ghosts, and yet I have no real idea of how they work in this universe. In many cases, no one is really dead. I mean just look at Coven... my god. The premise of a hotel certainly complements ghosts. If you work in a hotel, you're pretty sure to see a dead body at some point, and if you've stayed in enough of them, I'm fairly certain someone has died in bed you've slept in. Just rest easy with that knowledge.

This guy made it work!
This guy made it work!


This selection is a little bit loose, for almost every character that appears in American Horror Story is slightly deranged to a degree. The show loves giving characters a sudden sadism and disregard for human life, though I'm not sure if psycho killers will be the main threat in Season 5. American Horror Story seems to get quite mean spirited when it introduces very real feeling murderers, though perhaps that's the tone Hotel will go for!

Witches / Wizards

This one seems slightly less likely than some of the other possibilities for American Horror Story: Hotel. Perhaps it's my love for Coven talking, but a very conscious supernatural element to the show provides a sense of ridiculousness that makes it a joy to watch. A hotel setting in the modern day may not provide the archaic, historic feel needed for magic in the show.

Scientific Abominations

American Horror Story has been toying with ideas like this since Asylum. The idea of a character having undergone some horrific experiment that makes them a danger to others and themselves would tie American Horror Story: Hotel directly to the B-movie hokeyness that Ryan Murphy seems to love so much. Imagine a full hotel full of unacquainted guests upon one unassuming night. The twist is that one guest has a secret about their being that leads to terrifying and gory consequences. Or they could just be a werewolf. That would be fine too.



Again, a pretty far fetched possibility for American Horror Story: Hotel. The idea that the show runners would set up a complex intricate premise like this, only to have extraterrestrials come down and start wrecking shop is pretty unlikely. Asylum only included the alien details because they pertained to pop-culture of the time, but Hotel is confirmed as taking place in the modern day. On a narrative level, I could see some things explained away as being an invasion from space, and then ignored completely for the next episode because this is American Horror Story, dammit! We don't have time for complex explanations!

Lady Gaga

This is just a small guess, but I never actually considered the possibility that Lady Gaga could be cast as the primary antagonist. That's weird, because it's not as if she has the most wholesome heroic look to her. I suppose her getting top billing simply suggested that she may be the good guy, but the potential of Gaga terrorizing a hotel full of unsuspecting guests is undeniably appealing.

Are there any other classic villains or monsters you'd like to see appear in American Horror Story: Hotel? Write a post here on MoviePilot, vote in our poll, or leave a comment below! Let's get the American Horror Story fandom talking before Season 5!


Which villains and monsters would you like to see in American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel?


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