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I love watching a good horror film, the kind that makes you jump and feel uneasy while your peeking out from behind a pillow asking yourself why in the hell you willingly decided to put yourself through the terror. Creepy horror films do not have to be a full feature length film to be scary, check out the short horror films below if you feel like spooking yourself. The bite-sized films feature a collection of blood, ghosts, ghouls, animals and monsters, there is something here for everyone!

1) Breathe

Breathe's lead is Josef Altin (Game Of Thrones, Les Misérables) and is a horror story with an unsuspected twist. The only way to make the ghostly woman appear is by holding your breath, added to this mix is lust for the ghost woman. I was surprised by what happened next.

2) There's No Such Thing

There's No Such Thing centers around a familiar thing our parents tell us when we are little: that the boogey man does not exist and that monsters are not real. In this short film a loving mother comforts her daughter at bedtime as her daughter is afraid to go to sleep. Watch how the daughter's biggest fears come true. Take a look at the video if you dare!

3) Cutting Moments

This film is a lot longer than the others, but don't let this stop you watching. It is the most gory film on the list and is legendary for its violent content. (I even had to look away when trying to watch it. Ok ok, I know it is not 'real,' but you'll see what I mean.)

If you are a fan of horror, blood and gore, then this one is for you. The storyline revolves around a husband and wife's marriage that has really broken down. After hitting an unbearable dead end, the wife takes things into her own hands to bring the attention back to her. This film is very powerful and not for the faint hearted or those who do not like blood (and I mean LOTS of blood).

4) Suckablood

'On dark stormy nights the Suckablood comes, for those boys and girls who still suck their thumbs.'

This dark, poetic horror tale would scare any child away from ever sucking their thumb again. Like most fairytales, it is the evil step-mother who calls down the curse of Suckablood on her step-daughter, allowing the Nosferatu-like creature to appear and punish the child. This film is beautifully filmed and extremely creepy, I dare you to watch it!

5) The Cat With Hands

This sinister story is filmed in a style that really reminds me of something Tim Burton might create. In a bizarre twist of nature, the cat in this tale is far from sweet and carries human like features. You are probably asking yourself how a cat could have hands... all with be revealed... and just wait until the twist at the end, to find out how evil this not-so-sweet-pussy cat can be.

Happy Nightmares Everybody ...


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