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The basis for the whole of Jurassic World is the awesome idea that we could actually see dinosaurs. Imagine just being able to look at a T-Rex in the scary, gigantic flesh? It would be pretty cool. Like Disneyland, only full of 'used to be extinct' animals. Amazing!

But what would it take to create such a theme park? It's got to be pretty expensive, right? You have no idea! But luckily a budget breakdown has been created, and it's only going to cost $23,432,400,000 to build with an extra $11,907,000,000 a year to maintain!

Here are some of the costs you can expect to incur if you want to be the owner of the real Jurassic Park!

Real Estate

So firstly, where will the dinosaurs live? In the movies there are two sites: one where the dinosaurs live and one where they are raised.

Site A

Isla Nublar would be where the dinosaurs would live.

Isla Sorna would be where the animals were raised.

Both these islands are off the coast of Costa Rica, with estimates for the price of the two islands combined at $10,000,000,000.

Research and Development

To get the idea going would require a huge team of experts including scientists, paleontologists, computer engineers, and lawyers. For a great team, it would cost in the region of $7,900,000.


For things like development, such as cloning the dinosaurs and all the stem cell research, gene modification is roughly $8,500,000.


In the movie we see some guy extracting dinosaur DNA from a mosquito preserved in amber. It all looks pretty rustic with men using shovels and digging around. But the amount of amber needed to get enough to create all the dinosaurs would involve several mines, complete with workers, which would cost $9,000,000.

Ok, so the science stuff is out of the way, but what about all the stuff that makes it look awesome, like the cool jeeps, the buildings etc.?

Park Construction

The above figure was taken from an average for the overall costs of some of the worlds' largest theme parks.

Park Operations

To figure this out, Disneyland can be used as an example. Annually it costs $11,000,000,000. That's $32,000,000 a day?!

Dinosaur Care

These are the costs to feed and look after the animals. If you look at the cost of a large zoo, an accurate estimation can be found.

San Diego Zoo is one of the largest in the world with lots of different species, as Jurassic Park would be. By taking their costs of looking after the animals into consideration you are looking at $207,000,000. Which is a daily cost of $520,684.

So what exactly is the overall cost to create your very own Jurassic Park?!

So if you have this small amount of money handy, maybe you can be the proud owner of your own dinosaur theme park. Or you could do the cheaper thing and watch the movie a heap of times!

source: stupeflix


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