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They say that we should never meet our idols, and these awkward collisions between celebs and their biggest fans definitely show why.

When a fan's puppyish enthusiasm crashes headfirst into a celebrity's world weary press gang persona, the end results often escalate to a fist-in-your-mouth level of cringe.

The 18 photos below represent the worst of the bunch, so prepare to clench your butt cheeks in horror as we delve into this hotbed of ham-fisted photo opportunities.

18. Chesire Cage

You call yourself a fan, but you didn't even warn him about the double flash?! Traitor.

17. Run Cheryl, Run!

The X Factor's Cheryl Cole seems blissfully unaware of the fact she might get her nose bitten off as a souvenir.

16. What a Joker...

And the fan who pulled this stunt on Jack Nicholson was never seen again...

15. Kim's Kringe Klose Up

The high priestess of selfies looks thrilled about the unflattering angles she's confronting in this shot.

14. She Was a Traitor, Girl

$400 dollars for a meet and greet and this is how close you get?! Oh well, at least Avril and her chum look genuinely happy!

13. St. Ange and the Woeful Wolf

To be fair, this woman probably isn't the first person to be moved to tears when St. Ange laid hands on her...

12. Face of 'MEH' Meets Hand of 'RAWR'

There's only so many times Lady Gaga can put her paws up before she loses the will to live.

11. A True Original

From the looks of it, Christopher Reeve had never seen that stunt before, good work bud!

10. Too Drunk to Fan

This booze sodden dude will never know about the moment that Dave Grohl almost licked his forehead.

9. Britney's Fears

Britney's grimace demonstrates just how riotous it is meeting men who are obsessed with you while stuffed into a rhinestone leotard.

7. Starstruck 4 Skarsgård!

Meeting Alexander Skarsgård is no big deal for this super chill fan.

6. Hugh Just Can't

There's nothing like a harshly lit snap after a long haul flight, eh Hugh?

5. Creeper Collision

What the hell are Russell Brand and his overenthusiastic fan looking at?!

4. Frodo Swaggins

Elijah Wood didn't get the dress code...

3. Mormon Prom Meets Las Vegas

Katy Perry seems pretty chuffed someone had the foresight to impose the arms length rule.

2. Bow Down, Bitches

Okay, so I know this dude a prankster, but Leonardo DiCaprio's balls bro totally deserves a place in the hall of cringe.

1. Don't Look Back in Anger

Look at that wandering hand... the one wearing a wedding ring. Nice work, Robin Thicke! I can't think why that 'Paula' album didn't work out.

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