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News on the block is that a Maleficent sequel may be in the cards, with Linda Woolverton allegedly being hired to pen the script for the second installment of the Disney live-action blockbuster. And there are high hopes that Angelina Jolie will be there to reprise her role as the misunderstood dark fairy.

Take a look at her exceptional cheekbones in action in the trailer for the first movie below:

Will Angelina accept the role again?

According to sources:

"The studio is keeping Jolie in the loop and that the sequel will be written for her to reprise."

However, although we might love a second movie, the problem is that Angelina notoriously does not do sequels. In the past, she has reportedly turned down offers to star in second installments of blockbusters such as Wanted and Salt.

But perhaps the actress would be prepared to make an exception for Maleficent 2, especially considering the movie grossed over $750 million at worldwide box offices - that is certainly a success not to pass up so readily.

And we must remember that speaking at a press conference last June about her character, Angie did say:

"It's kind of hard to top her. She was pretty fun. Maybe I'll get the chance to play her again."

Well, that sure gives us a glimmer of hope!



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