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About a month ago, I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Disney’s sci-fi adventure film, Tomorrowland. On the red carpet - or in this case, the blue carpet - I was lucky enough to snag a few minutes to talk to Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus).

As Lindelof is one of Hollywood’s most established writers, I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss what it was like working with Britt Robertson. Personally, I loved Robertson in the film. She was charming and quirky, but still, it says a lot about what the people behind the scenes saw in her to entrust a relative newcomer to the industry like Robertson to carry such an important role. Here’s what Lindelof had to say about what makes Britt Robertson stand out:

Britt has obviously done some TV work, and some smaller movies before this but there’s nothing more exciting than [discovering someone new].
When she first came in to read, I wasn't that familiar with her work, and when you're dealing with a young actor and you haven't seen them yet, they can surprise you at every turn and I think that she exhibited all of these amazing qualities that the character Casey needed to. She needed to be intelligent, she needed to be funny, she needed to really react to this crazy situation as it was actually happening.
But most importantly, she needed to embody this optimism and I think that this idea, particularly for young people, for teenagers these days, for someone to come out and say, "I think the future's going to be awesome!" All of their friends would just kind of like snort at them - there's a way that Britt does that without seeming like a nerd that I think is really admirable.

While Tomorrowland may not have been the smashing success that Disney had hoped for, Robertson absolutely shone in the role. Like Lindelof said, it was a challenging role for any actress, let alone one as young as Robertson.

But Robertson has shown some seriously impressive range as an actress. Being able to hold down the lead in an epic sci-fi adventure as well as be the romantic leading lady in a Nicholas Sparks adaptation (The Longest Ride) shows the young actress isn't about to be typecast.

2015 has been Robertson's year so far. It's crazy to think this is just the beginning for her.


Britt Robertson naturally makes the audience forget she's acting, and she's done it since the moment she stepped in front of a camera. She's best known from her role of Angie McAlister on Under the Dome and as Sophia Danko in The Longest Ride. Her latest film, Tomorrowland, is currently in theaters. (Image credit: Tomorrowland/Walt Disney Studios)


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