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Nintendo's all-star roster of ruckus-bringers Super Smash Bros. has gotten itself yet another outstanding addition to its already bustling lineup.

Street Fighter's favorite son Ryu has finally made the leap to the Nintendoverse, and as of right now, this literal moment, you can nab him and his Suzaku Castle stage - based on the Street Fighter II stage of the same name - to do battle on both the Wii U and 3DS.

The most interesting part of Ryu's addition to the game, apart from Ryu being introduced to the game of course, is the brawler's move set.

A New Challenger Awaits

Enter Ryu
Enter Ryu

Ryu move set has been adopted from his Street Fighter II days, making him more a fighter versed in the art of combos. He has a collection of three different moves across two buttons (light, medium, and heavy). Tapping or holding either A and B will determine the strength of each move.

Ryu's Hadouken and Shoryuken, naturally, make a welcomed appearance in the game, and have two different methods of activation:

One button will activate a weaker Hadouken, whilst inputting the original controls (quarter-circle up+A) will smash up your opponents OG style.

Same rules apply for the Shoryuken. Up+B will unleash a lighter version of Ryu's signature flying uppercut, but the original input will give a more thoroughbred move.

Ryu is also the first character in Smash Bros. history to have two 'Final Smashes!' From a distance, you can let it rip with a Shinku Hadouken, which'll tear through any opponent in its way. And, if you're a fan of close encounters, Shin Shoryuken will make short work of anyone who dares to enter your personal space.

Good news, right? That's not all Smash fans. Also joining the roster will be Fire Emblem's Roy, Earthbound's Lucas, new Mii Fighter costumes for Akira and Jacky (Virtua Fighter), Heihachi (Tekken) Isabelle (Animal Crossing), MegaMan.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network), ZERO (Mega Man X), and the Inkling Girl and Boy and squid hat (Splatoon)!

What a time to be a Nintendo zealot!

Here's the full reveal if you have 20 minutes to spare:

(Source: Nintendo/YouTube)


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