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Now she has severed ties with The Vampire Diaries, is Nina Dobrev finally ready to go public with her first boyfreind since splitting with Ian Somerhalder in 2013?

Reports are rolling in that the 26-year-old former Vampire Diaries star is dating 30-year-old Austin Stowell of Whiplash fame, and for once it seems like this relationship rumor might actually hold some weight.

Austin and Nina were caught kissing last week after attending the West Hollywood Comedy Club with friends, and just a week before the rumored love birds were spotted sitting next to each other at dinner party.

Although these whispers from the likes of E! could just be Hollywood gossip, Nina herself seems to be gradually introducing Austin to her fans through her Instagram account.

The pair attended a baby shower for Jamie King together on Sunday and they seemed to be loving each others' company from the sweet and intimate snaps that Nina shared from the photo booth.

According to Hollywood Life, Nina Dobrev was also heard introducing Austin Stowell as her boyfriend, the gossip rag explained:

Nina introduced Austin as her boyfriend to people who didn’t know him. Most of the people there knew each other. They were glued to each other. Either holding hands the entire time or they had their arms around each other. They both seemed really happy, especially Nina.

While it's hard to know for sure if this really is Hollywood's hottest new couple or simple the curse of Nina (being linked to every guy she ever looks at), I wouldn't be surprised if this was the moment Dobrev went public with a new beau.

Now she has left Mystic Falls for good, it's as good a time as any for Nina to continue with her life away from the 'Nian forever' rabble.

(Source: E! and Hollywood Life)


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