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The whole Vampire Diaries universe has been shaken up like a snowstorm in an earthquake now Elena is in the midst her 70 year slumber, but Season 7 will be anything but sleepy.

According to the executives behind the show, we should buckle down the hatches for one of the stormiest seasons we have seen so far, especially when it comes to all things Damon Salvatore.

Damon with attitude will be back with a vengeance
Damon with attitude will be back with a vengeance

Julie Plec spoke in depth about how she felt Damon would develop during a Q&A session and she explained what the return of a Season 1 Damon meant to her, she said:

"What is the Season 1 version of Damon? The Season 1 version of Damon is the straight villain with what we learned was an obsession with a woman who just happened to look like our lead woman. And then over time that grew into a love story and it grew into a hero story and it grew into a redemption story. So, he went though all those chapters. He went through redemption. He went through hero – at least partially. The root of him as a sassy, ‘take no prisoners, do what you got to do to get it done,’ anti-hero is still very much there."
More of the 'Rawr' thing please!
More of the 'Rawr' thing please!

Plec even went as far as to tease that there might be some advantages when it comes to Damon losing his love life, she told the audience that:

"He now has more freedom to kind of be messy with his choices. I think you’ll see a darker Damon with the sort of wisdom of his experience, but a freedom to act out as he may feel like he needs to."

If you are worried about history repeating itself though, fear not. Kevin Williamson assured fans that the upcoming season will:

"feel completely unlike what we’ve seen before."

I can't wait to see what fresh ideas the writers come up with for this season, but for now we will all have to be content with letting our imaginations run wild...

(Source: Inquisitr)


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