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Varia Fedko-Blake

Pitches, listen up!

Fantastic news on the horizon is that a third installment of Pitch Perfect is most certainly on its way with Universal officially dating the release for July 21, 2017.

Hot on the tails of the strong box office success of Pitch Perfect 2, it is no wonder that the a capella franchise is to expand. And thankfully, it has also now been announced that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are eager to stay onboard as Beca and Fat Amy.

And it seems the confirmed cast members can barely aca-believe it themselves. Hinting at the reunion, Kendrick posted this selfie on her Instagram:

And if you want a reminder of why they can barely contain their excitement, take another look at the incredible vocal extravaganza that was the latest movie's trailer:

I can't wait for Rebel Wilson and the ladies to up their aca-game! Can you!?



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