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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

The Mass Effect series has been fulfilling my Star Trek fantasies for years now. A stunning intergalactic space opera, the critically acclaimed video game franchise fully immerses the player in its impressively well realized universe, full of dangerous uncharted worlds, mysterious ancient technology and strangely sexy blue aliens.

The latest, hotly anticipated installment has finally been announced and, surprisingly enough, seems to be heavily western-influenced. Hey, if it worked for Star Wars, it can work for this, right? Check out some highlights from the trailer:

Boundless exploration

Select a destination, just like in the previous games, before warping to a planet of your choosing.

Explore a new galaxy

It's unclear whether this is the Commander Shepard - protagonist of the original trilogy - or someone else. However, this particular soldier is wearing the same N7 armor Shepard was known for.

Come at me, bro

I don't need to see any more - I'm sold!

In case you aren't, watch the full trailer below:

Currently slated for a 'holiday 2016' release, we've got a long, excruciating wait ahead.

If you haven't yet played them, why not catch up on the earlier games in the series in the meantime. With the Xbox One's newly announced backwards compatibility feature, you can simply stick in an Xbox 360 disc and get exploring! Or, if you have played them, play them again. They're just that good.


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