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What do you do with your massive collection of film and television memorabilia? Just stick it in boxes and hope potential future partners never discover it? Just stick in boxes and hope one day it might be worth something? Actually publicly display it?

Well, whatever you're doing, it's probably not as creative as what one French photographer did with his. Nicolas Knepper decided to take his various figures and create miniature scenes from famous movies and television shows. Although there's an added twist: they also contain food. Check out the collection, titled 'Hollyfood,' below:

NOTE: I've kept the descriptions and titles in the original French because it just sounds much more sophisticated.

Baking Bad

Chouquettes au sucre cristal


Figue rôtie au porto

Dessert qui se mange froid

Petit choux citron framboise

Cereal Killer

Céréales au lait

Mon précieux



Macaron vanille - fraise

Le bon, la brute et le truand

Galette des rois

Les Orfèvres

Macaron champagne et feuille d'or

Scène de cream

Cheesecake - Coulis de fruits rouges

Les macarons, ça m'énerve

Macaron pistache

And my mother said to never play with food...

Source: NicolasKnepper


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