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2015 is well into its season of huge summer blockbusters, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of cool new releases on DVD and Blu Ray out this week! Whether it's Hollywood misfires, indie gems or hokey classics, MoviePilot has you covered for the brand new titles ready to buy and own now!


If you didn't harbor at least a little bit of love for the delight that was Chappie, then there's something quite cold inside you. Sure, Neill Blomkamp's cap to the dusty south African mech trilogy is a little tonally crazy, but that's exactly where the fun comes from. It's wonderful to see Sharlto Copley channeled through some incredible special effects carjacking someone before yelling "you shouldn't steal people's things!". As confusing as it is adorable, Chappie is worth checking out, if only for Hugh Jackman's shorts!

Time Lapse

A bizarre cross between Memento, Shallow Grave, and that one episode of Goosebumps "Say Cheese and Die", Time Lapse is an admirable indie attempt at high concept sci-fi. The premise sees a group of friends discover a camera that photographs the future, and their ultimate attempt to exploit that asset coming to give them more than they bargained for. It's nice to see this kind of premise played in such a low key way, despite some of the acting being a little locally sourced if you know what I mean.

Unfinished Business

Despite branching out to admirable projects like True Detective Season 2, Vince Vaughn is still convincing us that he's perfectly at home in bawdy big red text comedies! Unfinished Business sees Vaughn setting up his own hotch-potch company comprised of he, Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco. A business trip sends them to Berlin of all places, and of course the wacky hi-jinx ensue, as is the case with anything that boasts of "extended footage too hot for theaters"!

Run All Night

When will someone develop a Liam Neeson Cinematic Universe, where every gruff gun-toting man Liam Neeson has played is actually one character, and somehow has the most troubled life possible. Run All Night is essentially the product of someone taking the feel of John Wick and playing it with the utmost seriousness. There's a little more moral complexity, with Neeson killing the son of a mob boss played by Ed Harris, and having to protect his own son against ensuing reprimands. See it if three whole Taken movies aren't enough to satiate your Liam Neeson protecting his family desires.

The Lazarus Effect

Sporting an impressive cast including Olivia Wilde, American Horror Story's own Evan Peters, and Donald Glover from Community, The Lazarus Effect is an admirable attempt to bring back that sense of morbid sci-fi curiosity that dominated B-Movies in the 50s. With the same kind of thrust as a movie like Splice, this story sees a group of scientists develop a way to bring organisms back from the dead, but as is always the case with these films, they don't come back quite the same! Now for a few titles only just released on Blu Ray!

Spirited Away

I'm pretty sure that, if aliens ever come to rule the human race, they would use Studio Ghibli movies as a way of deciphering how to tap into our emotions. Hayao Miyazaki can instill pathos into anyone with his films so easily, it almost feels like cheating. Perhaps the clearest example of his genius is Spirited Away, which won an academy award for Best Animated Feature in 2001. It's release on Blu Ray will let you check out it's sweeping, tempered, beauty in HD. Just be prepared to find yourself crying, and not quite knowing why.

Reptilicus and Tentacles

Everyone knows about the costumed Kaiju genre in Japan which gave rise to figures like Godzilla. They also know about the American stop motion arts which gave us King Kong, yet no one seems to mention the Danish giant monster movies which used string puppetry to bring its creations to life. Reptilicus is one such delightful example. It's finally getting a Blu Ray release alongside the 1977 Italian-American co-production Tentacles. Being part of genres where bad effects are the appeal, I can't say seeing it on Blu Ray will improve your viewing experience. Still, you get to be the kind of person who can walk around saying they own Reptilicus on Blu Ray, and who doesn't want that?

That's all for this week! Keep an eye out for another Blu Ray and DVD round-up here on MoviePilot!


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