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Alexandra Ekstein-Kon

Jurassic World has finally stomped its way into theaters to a huge reception from its dedicated fans. It seems that many agree that what makes the new addition to the franchise great is its ability to capture the original movie's spirit while living up to the expectations of a modern audience.

Fan artists from around the world have announced their excitement for Jurassic World, and their appreciation for Jurassic Park, by creating a whole host of awesome fan art pieces.

Check out some of them below!

1. Jurassic World Poster by Luis Espiritu

I don't think that's Willy, Jesse.

2. Clever Girl by Maarta Laiho


3. Dennis Nedry by Jim Rogers

But it really was you who should have said the magic word, right Dennis?

4. Nedry's Dino-DNA by CHOGRIN

Yes, let's mass produce the dinos!

5. Life Finds a Way by Carlos Lerma

And it will continue to find a way as long as the Jurassic Park franchise continues to evolve and reproduce.



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